How to Get Back on Track So You Can Reach Your Destiny

How to Reach Your Destiny and Get On With LIVING. Lorra Fae Wildfire of Passion School inspires you how to do so and live a life you love.


Humans waste so much bloody time.

We do so many things that are detrimental to our bodies, our spirits, and our hearts.

Is it any wonder that most people feel deflated and lost?

Every single thing we do – we need to be asking the same questions:

  1. WHY am I doing this?
  2. Is this making my life better?
  3. Is this GOING to make my life better, later?
  4. Is this necessary?
  5. If it needs to be done, does it need to be done RIGHT NOW?
  6. Am I doing this consciously, or out of boredom?

That’s really it. These are important to consider for EVERY single thing we do.

And then, we need to know what to replace our distractions with. We need to have a focus, a plan. Without one, we have no map, and most people can’t decipher their own internal compasses.

We need a maps to get us back on our path. Even when we are lost, we will have a map to return to, to set us on the right course we need to be on for our life-long journey.

But those maps don’t already exist. We have to draw them ourselves. We have to write them.

If we don’t have something to refer to, we just drift. The chances that we will make it to our intended destinations are almost non-existent.

So, let us question our every thought, every movement, every second, so we can reach those glittery dream realms that we imagined as children.

They do exist, but they’re impossible to locate unless we have the maps to get us there, and the beliefs that we can reach them.


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April: Progress Report

So, my April was so-so.

I was pretty good on the diet front, not good at all with exercise – LAME – one day? Pfft.

I think this is because I have not been paying enough attention to my chart, and I had some depression issues again – thank gad the sun is coming back. I am going to rethink my anti-vitamin-D-pill thing and order some vegan ones if I get in a bind again, or just continue going to the tanning place.

ANYWAY, I have been feeling grand.

This month on my chart is:

D – diet – this time meaning 80/10/10 and not just “raw” – raw for me is easy-peasy. So, now I am just doing it gung-ho, my only other food included being nori, just at first. I love nori and yes, it does look delicious to me seeing it on a beach, and yes I could make a meal of it – sometimes I will eat a whole package on its own. I’m also going to do what I did when I initially went raw and that is to stick to it 100% for 30 days and see how I feel (I felt so awesome that I knew it would be for life). I took a “before” picture, too, so I can show my progress physically!

W – writing – this meaning in my blog or in my journals. Mostly I want to write in this here bloggo (I hate the word blog but it’s a funny sounding word at least).

F – this meaning writing FICTION. I stopped setting a time frame for myself – this was becoming too daunting and I always wanted to do other things and would get distracted. Now I just plonk myself in front of the page and write with no real agenda. If I write for 5 minutes, it counts. If I want to write more (and I usually do), then yay! It all adds up.

E – exercise. Of some sort, every day. Exercise is never a waste of time – in fact, I LOVE to exercise. Sometimes I forget this and if I push myself to just start (same with writing) I often want to keep going.

Something awesome I noticed yesterday was this:

About 12 years ago when I lived on Vancouver Island, I decided I wanted to see if I could become a runner. This was one thing I said I would “never” be able to do, and the quote “You must do the thing you think you cannot do” would repeat itself in my head, and so I decided that because I had a lot of time on my hands, that I would start running. There were a lot of gorgeous parks and forests, so it was quite lovely to go out and have this goal. I also had seen my reflection in bad thrift store lighting and was appalled at my appearance, therefore starting me into health + fitness madness.

So I started walk/jogging and could not go for very long with the jogs or runs. I wasn’t eating very well of course, and limiting my calories, still eating fish and bread and whatever else – lots of chocolate chip rice cakes. Eventually I got bored with it and went back to my sedentary hobbies. I didn’t seem to improve much, either. I could go a minute or so and would be so out of breath – this had happened since childhood and I would do everything I could to get out of running track or anything sporty. I thought I had asthma and had an inhaler that I used once – I thought it would allow me to run or exert myself more – it did sweet fuckall.

So yesterday I decided to take my dog out and go for a jog. I used to go out walking quite a bit last year when I lived near some beautiful trails. This was one reason I went so much – now I don’t live near anything but big expensive homes, so to go somewhere pretty I have to drive first.

ANYWAY, I took my pooch out and started to jog – and I just kept going, and going, and going. And even if I got a bit winded, I took a break. I only needed to break for a few seconds and could go more.

I realized that there was a huge difference even from last summer, when I was still eating heavier raw foods. I have been far more outdoorsy and sporty since I went raw, but lowering the fat in my diet has been an even more amazing aspect. Last month I was eating salt and heavier foods again, but I have recommitted to the low-fat approach. I just feel better on it. I feel more energized and clear and SO creative. I want to feel that way, always. I also want to be lean, and eating salt and too many nuts makes me bloated! Yuck. (I have been so bloated I thought about taking an April Fool’s photo because I looked pregnant).

Watching Freelee and Kristina on youtube really makes me motivated. So does Durianrider, listening to Doug Graham, and all sorts of raw foodists. I am constantly inspired.

And so my little chart is going to be the pinpoint for my goals – so far it’s kind of been off to the side of my desk, but I am going to make it more of a focal point of my day – something I do before bed. I am also making myself go to bed earlier – it’s tough because my body rebels – as I am falling asleep, I realize it, then wake up 😦

Another thing I’ve been doing is starting my morning thinking about things I love about my life – positive things – this is what I do WHILE I am still waking up (my grumpiest time of day) – also I have made it a point to stop complaining. A few years ago I read a book called A Complaint Free World that really impacted me – it’s pretty hard to go a whole day without complaining, let me tell you! (Try it). But I have been pretty successful, and something I noticed about when I was doing these things before, is that I was a LOT happier.

It’s much easier to make goals in spring. I say let’s make our yearly resolutions in April or May, when we feel renewed! If you live in the Northern  Hemisphere, I think you’ll be more likely to succeed with “New Spring Resolutions” instead of new years’ ones. Just a tip 🙂


If you like my chart, you can download my blank one here!