Find Your Flame

Lorra Fae Wildfire teaches you how to find your flame, live your dreams and improve life

We all have the gift of a conscious, creative brain.

Why not USE it as much as possible? Don’t squander it.

Otherwise you’re just kind of…there. Like a worm…or a stump. Alive, but just existing, not LIVING.

When you’re truly alive, you’re living as you should, as you dream of.

This includes being aligned with nature, but also aligned with yourself.

You have desires – you must! You’re human. Being human without dreams and aspirations is like being a dragon without fire, or a shark with no fins – you just drift, gasping for breath, as you’re swept along in the tides of life, but you’re not swimming WITH them.

Find your flame, and move your fins, because you are otherwise just dust, molded into a human shape, before you scatter into the stratosphere.


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