Saturation of the Positive

I find that things people spend their time looking at, especially online and on TV, promotes self-loathing and hopelessness. The news, Facebook, etc – these sorts of things inundate us with low feelings and make it difficult to believe we can do anything to help others or help ourselves.

Often people will do something – like a seminar, or read a book that inspires them, or they will make a New Year’s resolution and feel totally PUMPED…and then it tapers off pretty quickly.

This has happened to me, many, many times.

The thing I have found that works is CONSTANT saturation of positive things. To ONLY read, listen to, and watch things that promote self-confidence, hope, and joy.

I don’t mean ignore everything bad going on – but don’t start your day that way. Don’t blast yourself with all the rotten shit going on in the world. I think I’ve watched the news less than 10 times in my life – do I still know what’s going on in the world, what is REALLY important? YES, because people talk about it. It still comes into my stratosphere. When I do pay attention, it has a profound, negative affect on me. I feel useless and hopeless – and it makes me hate the world, instead of trying to make it better. I think this is common.

Continue a positive high, every day, by feeding your ears, mouth, eyes with only nourishing, beautiful, inspiring things. Say thank you, over and over again for the blessings that you have, even if it’s something small. There’s a REASON successful, happy people say to do this – it’s not a clich√©. It is actually a necessity to have a happy, positive life. If you do have some grievance, either find the positive that comes with it, or get out of that situation. Stop wasting your life and acting like a victim. Real victims have no choices, and even then, often they will find ways out with enough determination, perhaps risking death in the process. Now that’s inspiring!

Get the hell off of Facebook. Reading what someone had for lunch or reading a rant isn’t going to further your life or make you feel better. Why not read something by a genius instead? There are so many books out there with great wisdom that can further your knowledge and move you further ahead in life, get you into better situations and out of toxic ones, than mindlessly looking at status updates. Same with video games or garbage on youtube. Do that stuff when you’ve exhausted yourself with positive MOTION throughout your day, if you must get your fix. Relax with it LATER, WHEN AND IF you have accomplished things that get you closer to where you want to be. Are you close to where you want to be? No? Are you taking steps to get there? No? Then what do you expect?

Ever since I have been implementing this way of being into my life I have felt way better. I got sick of acting like a victim about 8 years ago. I’m not one, and I refuse to be one. I have more than ample opportunities to change my life, and I don’t need much to do so. I have the internet, and I have access to a library. That’s really all someone needs to learn everything they need to know to make their life amazing.

I mean obviously you need to go to school if you want to be a doctor or something, but I mean the rest of us – we need to learn, and we need to do the WORK, and we need to stay positive. DOING THE WORK is the most important thing! Saturating yourself with positive messages ALL THE TIME works wonders – try it, even if it’s just for a month. See how you feel! I started trading in books I’ve had for years that I might never get to, for books I know will better my life. Classic stuff that’s been around forever, or that are authored by genius minds.

I listen to podcasts or audio programs constantly as I drive (and now I love driving anywhere, no matter how far it is). I watch only positive, motivating youtube stuff. I rarely watch anything just for entertainment at this point, maybe a couple times a week, but I just don’t see the point unless it’s something I absolutely adore. I do spend time on Instagram but that is because it makes me have GOOD feelings, and INSPIRES me instead of bringing me down.

What about you? Do you spend your life on pointless endeavors, and then wonder why you feel shitty all the time? Or do you work towards becoming happier and more valuable?

Our main work in life should be to become as awesome as we possibly can. Nobody is perfect, but we can catch ourselves doing pointless junk and replace it with useful stuff. Nobody is going to wish they spent more time on Facebook when they come to the end of their life.

Who inspires you the most? Which books, which youtube channels, which movies, which programs, which websites? What are your goals, and what are you doing to achieve them? Please share!

How to Stick to Your Goals and Become Amazing

While I was on the ferry home to Victoria from Vancouver, I was in my car and thinking about how “off” I got when I was not in my regular routine and visiting my family. How I, along with so many people, allow themselves to cheat or push things aside that are important to them when they go “away” – but you are not “away.” You are still in your body, you still have your mind, you still have all the same dreams and desires you had before – don’t neglect them.

When I go to Vancouver, I start visiting all these raw and vegan food places I “miss” and binge on things that I know are not great for me (though to everyone else they’d be ridiculously healthy – but for me, I feel the difference). Funny thing is that I didn’t even enjoy many of those things. I started to neglect the workout regime I’ve been very dedicated to for the last 2 months – luckily I did a little bit, but when I was sitting in my car thinking about it, really I could have done everything normally, I just made excuses. I wasn’t going on “vacation” and even if I was, I wouldn’t go “away” to escape from my freaking goals. Going “away” is to visit people, see new places, escape from work – NOT to neglect what is important to you.

And so I decided, along with the word “tenacious,” that I wanted to be able to describe myself as “dedicated.” Similar, yes, but decidedly different. Next time I go to visit the mainland, or anywhere, I will know to factor in EVERYTHING that is important to me that I do regularly, and to not skip it or sabotage it just because I make the excuse of being AWAY.

So, what are you? How could you be defined? How do you WANT to be defined? What words would you like to describe yourself by? Start calling yourself those things and you will become them.

What are you dedicated to? As you can see, I have neglected writing in my blog for a couple of weeks – I consciously made that decision, as I was starting to rebel against the schedule I set for myself. I do well with guidelines, but not strict rules. However, I have neglected writing in general, which to me is just sacrilege. Even if I am not writing here, I must write. Daily. And so I dedicate myself.

I dedicate myself fully to writing, to raw foods, and to fitness. I dedicate myself to my Ninjutsu practice. I dedicate myself to animal welfare and preserving the planet as much as I can. Everything on my list are things I dedicate myself to DAILY or at least weekly. Having this reminder to look at every day is paramount to my success. It’s so easy to forget goals and things that make us better people – we all want to be the best versions of ourselves. It’s stupid to envy others and want to be them – why not be the best YOU? Have you even tried that?

All of those adjectives I wrote…I already am, or am becoming. Always have things to strive for. I love myself as is, but I want to become better and better. Why wouldn’t I? Or you? So many people give up – “I’m too old” or “I’m too fat” or “I’m too boring.” What you tell yourself you are, you are. Tell yourself something different. Make it something you can BELIEVE, though. Even if you are a couch potato, you can say “I am athletic” because you actually are – you just have to wake that part of yourself UP. Your body has always been athletic, but you have to use it in that way! You have always been healthy, but you have to give your body the right conditions to thrive in! Allow it to heal! You have to do the work. This is sort of like affirmations, but not. You really have to find that part of yourself that can believe what you are saying. You’re not going to believe you are something if you aren’t that way IN THAT MOMENT, so choose your words carefully. Find a way to believe it. Dig deep, question everything. Find the truth in what you are saying.

You are worthy and you are capable. You are resilient. Get out there and live.

Why Freedom is my Highest Value

Image by Sarah Lee

In 2000, I was taking an youth entrepreneurship course. I took it because I was on EI before that and the classes were subsidized, so I actually got paid a bit of money to attend – it was pretty cool, actually. At the end of this course we had this motivational type person come in, and he got us to break boards with our hands.

This was pretty daunting to me, who had zero self confidence at the time.

Before all this, though, we had to come up with a WORD to write on the board, something that represented the thing most important to us, what we most wanted from life – and we had to keep asking why we wanted those things.

I want money! Why? So I can have comfort and nice stuff! Why? So…I can live the good life! Why? Uh…stability! Why do you want stability?

That sort of thing.

My word ended up being freedom. Why do I want freedom? Well duh, to be free. I couldn’t go further than that, and I wrote it on my board. And, with¬† a lot of trepidation, I did break it. I had a feeling of power after that, like I could do anything. I was astounded that I was able to break a piece of wood with my palm! I kept those boards in my possession for probably a decade.

Freedom to me means living a FULL LIFE. Being able to do the things I LOVE, and not to have huge restrictions. If it feels restrictive to me, I know it has to change. This is why I left my last relationship. This is why I dropped my dogma about my diet (it may seem restrictive to others how I do eat, but it doesn’t to me, and that’s what matters). It’s why I won’t stay in a job I loathe. It’s why I abhor debt and will do anything to stay out of it. It’s why I decided not to go back to school and just learn from other sources and teach myself things that are VERY important to me.

I want the ability to explore, have experiences, and not live conventionally – not because I think it’s wrong, but because it doesn’t feel right in my heart. If I am free, I am never bored. If I’m bored, I know that something is repressing me way, way too much and I must get out, or I will EXPLODE, in some way or another. Life is too short for that. I constantly look for ways around typical lifestyles and there are so, so many if you really dig deep!! This may not be the case all around the world, and that sucks, but if you are living in a 1st world country, you have options and lots of them, you just gotta delve as far you can into your creative mind. Come up with your Plan Z – sometimes when you do this, you realize that a more minimalist life can be the most freeing.

Is freedom important to you? It should be. You should not let anyone repress you. It’s your life. Repression is for control freaks. It’s okay to have boundaries and some leeway, but if you are feeling depressed, sad for “no reason,” or that you are trapped…do whatever you can to get OUT.

Is your BODY holding you back (are you unhealthy, sedentary, immobile, etc)? Is your partner holding you back (are they truly your “partner”)? Your job? Your home? Your country? Your city?

Usually it is just your MIND.

Your own mind is the biggest thing holding you back. Your own beliefs. Question them. When you think you’ve done everything…look harder. There are millions of ways to get through anything – I cannot stress this enough! The mind is the thing holding you back more than ANYTHING. If you think you are incapable of something, because of physical or financial circumstances…you are not being creative enough.

Creativity is the key to life, the key to freedom, just as health is. Health + creativity will take you everywhere, along with a positive attitude. If you have those three things, you are on your way to living the life you’re meant to live!