How NOT to Deal With Hard Times

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

+ Sleep less. Who needs it? You should be up and worrying constantly, because that always helps matters.

+ Believe everything you think. Especially if you are bashing yourself and convinced you are the scum of the earth. Don’t EVER question your thoughts!

+ Deny yourself the things you need to be content. Always put others before yourself.

+ Keep “friends” around who drag you down, or who constantly entangle you in their awesome bullshit!

+ Party hard, at all times. Make sure you make your life more “interesting” by adding in lots of drugs and alcohol.

+ Lead a double life. Keep secrets from your loved ones.

+ Make sure you confide in strangers, but not people you love. OH, and convince yourself that you have no one in your life that will care.

+ Tell everyone that you’re FINE. Pretend like you are. No need to burden anyone else with your problems!

+ Force yourself to go to work, or be social, when you really need to rest and be alone.

+ Eat tons of crappy food! That will squash down the real emotions so you don’t have to deal with them. Also you will have less energy so you can sleep more and avoid dealing with your issues!

+ Lay in bed all day, don’t do anything. Exercise is totally detrimental to your well-being.

+ Take tons of drugs so you can have LESS clarity. No one wants to think clearly when they already don’t want to be in their own heads.

+ Don’t read anything helpful – spiritual teachers aren’t insightful at all. Byron Katie? Eckhart Tolle? Pema Chodron? Don Miguel Ruiz? They’re totally in it for the money.

+ Keep everything locked inside. Don’t express yourself. Art is a no-no. Watch tons of TV instead.

+ NEVER write in a journal!

+ Forget counseling – ask your biased friends for feedback. OH, and promptly ignore it, especially if everyone is giving you the same advice.

+ Stay away from all friends. And whatever you do, don’t be around animals.

+ If you have any energy at all, deplete it. Don’t use it to lavish yourself with care and love.

+ Being inside four walls is important! Nature will not help you. Nature wants you to suffer…right?

+ Stay in your bad relationship, soul-crushing job, miserable situation. You’re a trooper, you can totally put up with it.


Obviously this is all bullshit – do the opposite of all this and you can probably get through anything.

Lots of love to you in stressful times. Be clear and concise with everyone, especially yourself. Mercury is in retrograde – even if you don’t believe in Astrology, I find that this particular time really affects people, whether they realize it or not. And like me, many people pay attention to Mercury Retrograde even without paying attention to anything else in Astrology! It’s hard to ignore, once you know it exists.

Be gentle with yourself. You are important, or you wouldn’t be alive.


Screenshot from the old film Possession. Been feeling like this scene lately!