Dedication to 3 Hours of Daily Self-Care

Yesterday I started an experiment – to spend the first three hours of my day doing everything to feel my best – all the things that make me feel good, to start my day.

Initially I thought two hours would do, but three hours seemed better.

After doing this for ONE day only, I felt crazily fantastic, and I had the same overwhelming passion and pizzazz today, too.

What will happen to me after a week, a month of this? My god.

I realize that not everyone can start their day with 3 hours to themselves, but you can always start with an hour (get up earlier, go to bed earlier), and spread it throughout the day. If you can do it all in one go sometimes, even better, because you will notice a difference, I promise.

Everyone is going to have a different list of things that make them feel fantastic, but I do suggest starting with gratitude, going over your goals, questioning beliefs that make you anxious, movement, raw foods, and really gorgeous physical care of your body. And love, of course, always love.

So here’s the list I wrote for myself. I will follow it daily for the next month, and then check in on how it has affected my life. I may not be able to do every single thing, every single day, but as long as I do most of it, and do the missing things at some point in the day, all is good.

(This list also ends with a nightly care routine which is much shorter.)

1. Wake up with NO alarm. Phone is off overnight (home phone is on for emergencies). This involves going to sleep early enough to get sufficient amount of sleep.

2. Three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing (Morning Pages a la The Artist’s Way).

3. Lemon water (1 lemon blended with 32 ounces of water), magnesium supplement, B12 (weekly), cranberry/D-Mannose supplement.

4. MOVEMENT. This can be any of the following that I love: stretching, gym/weights, yoga/pilates, HIIT, hooping, rolling, running, hiking, surfing, sex, Movnat, or combat!

5. Jade egg exercises. Orgasm.

6. Dry skin brushing. Contrast shower. Basic hair washing, skin care, shaving.

7. Green smoothie or green juice (or both).

8. The Work, a la Byron Katie. Question any beliefs causing stress.

9. Dog cuddles and human cuddles if available.

10. Beauty – can include doing hair, make-up, extra skin care, being creative with my daily attire.

11. Being in nature. This can be included with movement or meditation. Must get sunshine on the skin.

12. Reading my book of inspirational quotes that I have collected.

13. Going over my goals. Writing out goals. Taking action on each of them.

14. Meditation for as long as I have time for.

15. Teeth care.

16. Gratitude list. List at least 3 things I am grateful for, and tell at least 3 people I love that I love them.

After doing almost all of these things yesterday, I felt SO good, that nothing could possibly have brought me down (except something really horrific). My confidence went crazy high, my patience was strong, and my attitude and love was just glowing out of me. I walked around with a natural smile, beaming. People noticed. Nothing in particular had HAPPENED to make me happy – I just WAS happy. I felt free, and loved – because I had loved MYSELF. Heavily.

My night care routine is a lot shorter:

1. Magnesium again + cranberry. Vitamin D if it’s the winter.
2. Remove all make-up. Skin care.
3. Diligent teeth care.
4. Journaling.
5. NO media for at least an hour before sleeping.
6. Reading (fiction).
7. Sex (if I’m with my sweetheart!) 🙂

Along with my high carbohydrate raw food meals in the day, and my huge salad in the evening, all of these steps turn me into a dynamo that is just bursting to create, give, and do important work. The things that are important to me, with an attitude and confidence that allows me to help and inspire other people.

Other than these three hours, the majority of my day is going to be spent pursuing my goals that I went over earlier in the day.

Don’t ever feel guilty or bad for spending a ton of time on yourself and your self-growth. It will make you a kinder person, a move loving and patient person, and more giving to the people you love. You can’t GIVE love if you don’t HAVE love. You can’t fully love and give unless you are full to bursting – then you won’t run dry. Then you beam it out wherever you go, to whoever is in your midst. People NOTICE, trust me, and they mirror it right back to you.


I Wanna Be an Airhead

It’s so nice when you can stop thinking.

Often, I get so wrapped up in my head, and I know I am not alone. I focus on other people instead of myself, a LOT. In regards to their place in my life, I mean.

I also focus on so many things that upset me in the world. I focus on negative shit, way too much, way more than I want to.

I had this problem totally BEAT for a while, years ago, but that was when I was single and focused 100% on ME.

And so now, dealing with so many crazy things, I feel more unhealthy, more unstable, but still, I don’t like to give up on people that I care for, nor do I want to give up on myself.

And so, I try, often, to empty my mind.

I had an epiphany one evening, months ago, when I couldn’t stop thinking about a particular issue in my life. I thought, “Why do I have to think about this all the time?!” As in, I HAD to think about it…well, is that really true?

No. All of a sudden I thought, “I don’t HAVE to think about this….” And I started to laugh.

Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Another way I try to empty my head is via Eckhart Tolle, which is to realize that there is a part of your thought process where you are LISTENING to your thoughts – the voice in your head – what part of your brain is actually LISTENING, actively to that? If you can CONSCIOUSLY become that listener…the thoughts miraculously vanish – it’s eerie! It doesn’t usually last too long, but if you practice, it gets longer and longer, and you can just re-align with that listening stance. I implemented this when I was heartbroken years ago, exhausted from thoughts of my lost love. I wanted respite so badly.

And recently, I have wished for a brain full of nothing, a head full of air. And so I picture it – I visualize with every inhalation, that my skull is being filled with air like a shiny balloon, as if there were no brain there at all. I imagine this empty, serene SPACE in my head, and I can keep focusing on this image because I keep imagining the air filling it as I breathe in every time.

Try it – being an airhead isn’t my ideal state, but at times, it is like, totally soothing.


Image by Jason Levesque.