How The Revenant Inspired Me to Be Better

From about 1993 until this year, A Clockwork Orange was my favourite film.

I’ve seen it over 45 times, and was seriously obsessed with anything to do with it as a teenager.

Then I saw the Revenant.

I know that this might not seem to go with the theme of this blog but wait….

When I saw it, throughout the whole thing, I was riveted – I knew before I ever saw it that it may end up being my very favourite movie because it combined things I really love in film – wilderness survival, beautiful cinematography, and a revenge story.

And while the story was captivating, the beauty of this film enveloped me like nothing ever had. I found myself thinking: “I will never create anything this beautiful.”

This thought haunted me for a while. But then I thought – why the hell not? I have every bit of capability to create intense beauty – just as much as anyone else. It just takes intense focus, dedication, and obsession.

The director obviously lives for making movies, and I clearly live for passion. When I thought about that film and how gorgeous it was, I started to think about ALL of my favourite things: in music, in books, photographs, art – the things that are so unbelievably gorgeous that how could I possibly fathom creating something on that level?

Well, why not? These people are as human as me or you. The point is to try, and to fail over and over and over again and then one day…it’s magic. It spills out; you’ve mastered your art – even if you can get even BETTER, you’ve reached a pinnacle moment where you just fucking SHINE.

But you have to start with crappy. You have to begin, and just do it over and over and over, and get better each time, and continue building, bettering, refining – and one day the beauty of what you create will blow at least SOMEONE’S mind, if not many minds – but of course you have to SHARE it, too.

And so, instead of feeling intimidated, I felt inspired to really try, to improve, and to “ship” no matter what, and take criticism if I must, because all I want to do is get better, all I want to do is create beauty, live healthfully, inspire others, help the world, and on and on, and the more we improve, the more the world will improve, but only if we share, only if we are brave enough to put ourselves out there, and you are the same, the same, so do it, work on what you love the MOST, and SHARE IT, so we can watch you progress and then celebrate your triumphs and faint with beauty when you reach that moment of astounding glory, because you can – we all can, we just need to find what we love the most and do it – or many things if we can’t choose – but we must do those things every damn day until we die, and leave something behind, a beauty legacy to lift everyone up when things are dark – those stories we tell can live on and help more people, inspire many, and make this world even better than it naturally is – because it’s all beautiful.

Funny how a movie inspired all these thoughts in me. I doubt that was the intent of the film – the intent was to create something beautiful and amazing, of course – but to inspire some random girl to better her attempts at everything she does – that was a byproduct.

So you never know if what you are doing will be meaningful or not – make it meaningful to YOU first, but share it with us, you never know how it will inspire someone, and make sure you put ALL of your heart into it, all of your PASSION, or why bother? If you’re not passionate about it, DROP IT, and spend that time on what you REALLY love.

Fucking do it or waste your breath, waste your time, waste your life. Time is the only currency, time is the only thing that matters – that breath sustains you more than any other thing – without breath we are dead in the dirt, and we want to thrive in the sky, making fucking rainbows and nebulas and galaxies to shine down on everyone else who is underneath a cloud of gloom.

Shine on shine on, and we will see it, you will burn in the dark and beckon us to follow. We need leaders, so lead. You can choose that role for yourself, so step up that ladder and be a north star for the lost.


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How to Have a Happy Life

There is only one person in the world who is responsible for your happiness.


This is pretty much the most important realization that you will ever have in your entire life. The moment you take responsibility for yourself and your choices is more powerful and freeing than anything else you could possibly imagine.

It will FREE you.

The answer to every problem is usually the simplest, but we love to over-complicate things. Yes, sometimes things are complex, but the answers are still usually able to be put in blunt terms.

Have a shitty job? Quit.

Have a horrible relationship? Leave.

Despise your school? Switch or drop out. You can learn on your own.

Sick of your messy house? Get rid of most of your stuff.

Bored of everything? It’s because you’re boring. Challenge yourself. Become adventurous.

Hate the world? Make it better. Help someone.

Tired of being ill? Nourish yourself properly. Start sleeping enough. Get outside. Learn from people who are actually extremely healthy, not people with prescription pads.

Lonely? Take the abundant love you have inside you and give it to yourself. Get out there. Do things. You’ll meet people. Don’t be a dick. Respect others, do good things, and you won’t be lonely. It’s impossible. Even if you’re alone, you will love being with you.

Trapped? ESCAPE. People have broken out of jail, escaped from other countries, and done everything possible to get out of bad situations. If you want it badly enough, you will make it happen. There is always a way.

If you are seriously miserable in a situation, you are rarely trapped. You DO have options. You might not like them, but have you thought of them all? (No, they are endless). Have you really gone out of your comfort zone? That is where the answers lie.

Isn’t your life worth it? Isn’t being happy worth it? Otherwise, can you call it living?

You can’t be happy unless you make it a priority, and only you know what makes you happy. If you don’t know, you need to do some deep soul searching, because who wants to be bored, lonely, and depressed their entire lives? Do you want to be a curmudgeon? Do you want to die regretful?

Sometimes people think they are happy, but they numb out with the typical things, tricking themselves, but they ignore their true desires because those things got buried in the muck of whatever life threw at them.

Life bumps do happen. Tragedies occur, obviously. But people get through them, people get by, people heal. And the ones who don’t  – why? Staying stuck in the same spot forever is doing you no good. It’s like cement around your ankles. Get a sledgehammer and MOVE. The only way to happiness is THROUGH shitty times, and to gain the strength to say FUCK NO to whatever is holding you from that happiness. It’s to say you are worth having a good life – no one else is going to give it to you. Even if you are handed anything you could ever want, if you don’t feel you deserve it, it won’t matter.

Believe you deserve a good life. If you are a good person, you deserve to be happy, just because you are alive.



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If you enjoyed this post (or any of my posts!), please consider a small (or large!) donation to fund my way to a martial arts seminar. There are rewards for certain amounts given, so please help out with a “tip” or a gift! You’ll be helping me to improve so I can teach other women to kick ass in the future!

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How Your Diet is Linked to Your Passion

Do you know what you want to do with your life, but you just waffle away your hours doing bullshit? Twiddling around, staring at screens, blubbering on about nothing, scrolling comment sections that are bombarded by trolls who do nothing with their lives? Why are you doing those things? What is stopping you from doing what would make your life spectacular?

Is it:

Lack of energy?
Fear, anxiety?
Lack of self-confidence?
Fear of failure?
Pathetic drone-like existence?
Mental health issues?
“Trapped” in corporate slavery?

It could be one, all, or a combination of these – but when your passion burns bright enough, you can go for anything, no matter what your situation is. You will find a way.

However, if you are taking shit care of yourself, you will not likely have the vigor, the enthusiasm, or self-love that is imperative in actually going for it. Your brain clarity is fogged – when you can CLEAR it, and see everything as it is – pristine, obvious – you can find ways, options, and paths that were not noticeable before.

When you clean up your diet, and you are eating the way your body is designed to, abundant energy is freed up, and this blindness you’ve had forever is suddenly gone. The paths appear.

Diet and lifestyle are crucial to everything in life, if you want it to be as stellar as possible, and this includes being able to pursue what you truly love. Some people can do this anyway, regardless of how they treat themselves, but for the vast majority of people, this just isn’t the case. Most people are numbed out – by distractions, by chemicals in their “food,” by monotonous brainwashing they have heard their whole lives – telling them to be realistic, telling them what they want is not feasible. Eventually people become so jaded that they settle into a boring trap they never envisioned for themselves.

Eating only raw foods is like taking a truth serum.

You can’t hide from yourself anymore. You become too sensitive – if you ignore your true passions, you become depressed, so much so that you will eventually explode and become a firebolt heading in the direction you need to go.

You absolutely CANNOT ignore your desires anymore – you can’t deny yourself what you truly love. Because, now, you will love yourself.

Feeding yourself pristine food and nourishing your entire being is the ultimate act of self-love, because it frees you up – it frees you from the worry of illness, it frees you from lethargy, and you realize how much you’ve been lied to, and how much you’ve lied to yourself.

If you feel like you’re missing something, you likely are. A one-way ticket to getting where you want to go is to put yourself first and focus solely on what you physically and mentally consume. Raw plant foods, and positive input only. Ignore the gossip, ignore the comments sections, ignore media if you have to, and only take in what is going to propel you forward.

What’s the alternative? Being held back, being stuck, being unhappy, sick, depressed. Who wants that?

The bullet train to euphoric passion is raw, fresh foods. So simple, but for those who’ve tried – you know. You’ve found magic.

What’s the Alternative?

I’m back after a long hiatus – I didn’t leave purposely, I just got swept along in the riptide of typical life.

Like most people, I’ve spent the majority of my life giving some power to others, allowing them to instruct my days, in order to get a generally pathetic cash reward every two weeks.

I recently quit my job. I’d planned to for quite some time, yet fear kept me going back. But…it felt like my time was being hijacked – I felt a very strong terror saying, “What if this was your last day on earth? Would you want it to be THIS?” I ask myself this a lot. The answer is always: No.  Not that the job was BAD, it just wasn’t what I truly wanted to be doing. It didn’t align with how I want daily life to be. Instead of feeling scared, I felt excited. That’s when you know you’ve made the right decision. My terror shifted – the fear of NOT doing what I love was MUCH stronger than the fear of having less security. Allow yourself to feel that anticipation: the promise of a more tantalizing existence.

Your moods are a map – if you dread going to work, if you are ignoring the things you’d love to be doing, wasting your time with FILLERS, then you are COMPLETELY and utterly ignoring your path in life. You are doing yourself and others a disservice. We need you, and we need your passion to ignite us.

Some people may be completely happy doing a regular job, and that is totally fine! I am not talking about them. I am talking about ME, and YOU – the ones who pine for more. We are aching. Bursting.

I BURN with a fervor, and I have repressed this many times – in relationships, in my everyday life, in work. Not purposely. It sucks. It’s not a way to live.

So, when you change your life, what about the fear? What about the scary prospect of failure?

Here’s a better question: What’s the alternative?

A life of mediocrity? Ennui? A life of apathy? Being upon death and saying, “Man, I wish I did that.”? No thank you. I get this one life as me- one life FOR SURE. Even if there are more lives, I get this one, ONCE, and I am not squandering it.

I’ve spent too much time already, flitting about from job to job (“A JOB” is a 4-letter word), spent too much time on things I don’t truly care about, too much time reading social media, and other stuff that does NOT improve my life.

Why read blathering from people about all sorts of topics I really don’t care about? Way better to actually learn something of value. To read words of substance. To go out and DO things. My time is valuable. PRECIOUS. So is yours! What is the alternative? MONOTONY.

Does this ring true for you? “I want a monotonous life.” Yeah, I doubted it.

Every adult I know, especially once they get to their 30s, says “WOW, time goes so fast!” – Yeah, it does, especially when you waste it, when you do things to “kill time.”

EXCLAMATION: you can’t KILL time. Time is killing you.

I have no other alternative. I don’t have a plan B anymore. I have a Plan Z, but no plan B.  Plan Z is destitute – and really still not terrible. It’s still more free than having a job working for someone else, making them more money (unless of course you want to help them and their cause – then awesome! Still…DO YOU, first).

You need an explosion within. If you don’t have that zest, and you’re damp and wretched every day with gloom, then you need to change some things – rapidly. Make it your first priority because your life will be completely bland and beige otherwise. Don’t you want a rainbow life? Isn’t that why people love psychedelics? Everything is more dazzling, unrestrained, more potent.

You can have that feeling naturally, daily, if you follow the map your life has for you. It’s built into you. It’s called “Your Emotions.” Your map has still led you down this runaway path, too – it’s leading you that way so you can see where it goes – then you can TURN AROUND. You realize, like with a malfunctioning GPS, that you are completely lost, and that you are going off-target. You don’t have to keep going – you know it’s the wrong way! TURN AROUND. What’s the alternative? You’ll probably end up somewhere you really didn’t plan, a ghost town, where dreams go to die.

If you feel afraid, reluctant, or anxious, ask yourself “What’s the alternative?” Write it all out. Let THAT petrify you. If you feel freaked out, then you are off-course. Center yourself, breathe, and continue where you know you need to go. Point your needle north.

It still takes work and discipline, but it is SO much better persisting on a path that you know is your own, and you know is the one you were meant to go down all along. You’re listening to your own GPS instead of one someone else gave you. One you thought you had to follow. One you thought was correct, or one you accidentally came across. Don’t use that. Internal compasses are much better – you just have to stop ignoring it.

Learn to read your compass.


Being a Badass

Me and my ninja man, 2014

I was born to be a badass.

Maybe that sounds arrogant or whatever, but listen to me. This is not me regaling you with tales of awesomeness, it is a story to relate to in whatever way you can. Try and see yourself in this – what were you born to be?

Ever since I was a little girl, the FIERCE FEMALE has called to me. I have been entranced by warriors, enraptured by banshees, and just sucked in by any woman who is Amazonian in nature – femme fatale, vagabond, or fighter. Even when I was interested in modeling, the model who I most wanted to be like was a 6’3 giantess with muscles, not a waif (though I found them beautiful, too – just in a different way).

I preferred She-ra over Barbie, by far.

Why did this come about? I was a weak, sensitive kid, a loner, an only child. I cried all the time – I still do. So how is it possible that I was “born to be a badass?” I WANTED to be tough, because I wasn’t. My path has always been towards strength and wildness, even though I was unaware. Everything thrown in my way has made me more formidable. I have slowly become more and more confident and bold because of conquering all the bullshit in my life – I have never let it DEFEAT me. I never wanted to be rescued, not really. Helped, sure, when necessary – but all the worst hurdles I’ve had were overcome by sheer will to survive. Being a victim was not an option. No princess attitude here.

The path I’ve taken has been slow-moving, but it was all because I was afraid, insecure, and part of me still identifies with my small self, even though my big self is so wildly different. I am still sensitive, but I am not insecure. If I do get that way I find ways to get past it. I am afraid, but still, I always push forward. I challenge myself. I tell myself I am brave and tenacious. I am sometimes anxious, but I trust my intuition. I know when it’s just fear and when it’s my gut telling me to actually STOP. I am at a point where I know what I can do, am willing to do, and I am willing to push through any bullshit to get there.

“We come into this world with a specific, personal destiny. We have a job to do, a calling to enact, a self to become.”

“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.” – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art.

I don’t need to prove to anyone that I am a badass. I know I am, because I go for what I want. I strengthen myself daily – either by pushing through my personal fears, or not allowing myself to do things I know would make me miserable. I would rather live in my car or in a tent than live a cushy life being someone who isn’t true to herself. I would rather write a blog to 10 people reading and RESONATE with them, than do something just to gather readers, money, and “likes” – fuck that.

I would rather learn skills that mean something to ME than to please someone else. I know what makes me feel strong. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone but ME. I do things to prove to myself I can do them. If anyone says I can’t do something, I will prove them wrong (if I WANT to). If something is important enough to me, I fucking do it, even if it takes me years.

You know when you do something and you think, “Oh my god, why didn’t I do this 10, 20 years ago?” I get that once in a while, but I also realize that on our personal life journeys, things happen when they are meant to, when you are ready for them. The right teacher comes to you when you’re ready. So does the right partner, the right book, the right moment – the epiphanies you need SHOW UP when you are READY and OPEN. Pay attention!

I made a sort-of joke to myself not long ago that I’d like to be a badass for a living. And then I realized I wasn’t joking at all.

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My Personal List of Dreams and Goals

Me in Hawaii, 2010

I love reading other people’s goals and fantasies, especially if they are taking steps to achieve them. Why have dreams and aspirations at all, if not to have something to strive for, to live for?

Here is an incomplete list of things I want to do and accomplish while I am alive.  I am taking steps to do all of them, these are not just fantasies.

I’d love to hear yours, too.

+ Travel to every continent, and every country possible
+ Write my series of novels (and more books)
+ Have a great community of friends around the world who I connect with via this blog and elsewhere
+ Have several rescued dogs
+ Learn to ride a motorcycle
+ Age beautifully
+ Be in a band and make music
+ Stay healthy until I am old and rainbow (not grey! When my hair is white you better believe it’s getting dyed crazy colours – I would do it now if it wasn’t so damaged – though white hair is pretty bad-ass, too – no short grey hair for me).
+ Help other people become healthier
+ Get my black belt (and higher) in Ninjutsu
+ Later when this happens, I want to teach other people to defend themselves, especially girls, and have a dojo with my partner
+ Get so fit it baffles people (and myself)
+ Ride barrels on my surfboard (this one is gonna be tricky but it’s still really my #1 desire)
+ Work for myself forever and be financially independent and successful on my own terms
+ Inspire others to get truly healthy and make the most of their lives
+ Write and draw my graphic memoir from my 90s teenage years
+ Continually become more and more awesome
+ Have my own home and land with mega gardens
+ Travel across Canada
+ Watch a surf contest at Pipeline, in person
+ Various naughty things I’m not going to elaborate on
+ Read thousands of books
+ Hike many long trails
+ Liberate some helpless creatures
+ Go to Burning Mam
+ Connect with the people who inspire me the most
+ Only spend time with people who add positivity and joy to my life
+ Be kind and loving, but fierce and relentless
+ Give a shit about things that MATTER, and ignore the bullshit

I have been working for many years on crafting a life that allows me to do what I want.

If you don’t have a list you refer to often, you will melt into the mediocrity of basic existence. Don’t just exist. LIVE.

Please share yours in the comments or on Facebook 🙂


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Do the Work

Simple Steps to Becoming More Awesome

Now, first off, you are awesome already, you may just not realize it. You have just been buried under a lifetime of other people’s opinions and typical societal expectations making you think otherwise.

I don’t want to feed you a bunch of cliches because there are enough of them out there. I want to connect with other people who are completely committed to being amazing humans! Let’s face it, the majority of people are boring, complacent, and want to live in a shroud of normalcy.  No thanks.

If you’re reading this, I sincerely hope you are not like this, and that you want to be the raddest person possible, and not to be unique or better than anyone else, but simply to have a RIOT of a time while you are alive. Most people squander their time on earth. Don’t!


So are you totally baffled on how to get out of your funk or stagnant existence? Here’s a few simple tips that have helped ME, and maybe they could spark something for you.

1. Create the most awesome character you can think of. Give them all the traits you think are amazing, and not superficial ones. Traits that make them the most kick-ass, bad-ass, wonderful being ever. Someone you’d endlessly want to read stories or watch movies about. That is likely the person you want to be.

2. Now that you’ve figured that out, take the smallest step possible towards it, RIGHT NOW. For instance, I have always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. I’ve loved riding on the backs of them since I was a young teenager, and the simplest step for me was to look up my local motor vehicle branch, go down and get the study guide. Bam. Free! My next simple step is to read it and make flash cards. The easiest first step is to look up the info and then immerse yourself in it. Don’t make anything more difficult than it has to be.


Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along. – Napoleon Hill

3. Dedicate your days to accomplishing everything you want. CREATE YOURSELF. (“You” may have been created by other people!) Arrange your life around your goals! You have the power to do this, not anyone else. Once you realize you are capable of so much more than you thought, your confidence will soar and you will be able to accomplish even more amazing shit, but you will only prove this to yourself by persistent action. It’s difficult, I know. I am crazy hard on myself, but it’s worth the effort.

The more awesome you become (in YOUR opinion) it will just keep spiraling up and and up and  up. It doesn’t matter if it takes years – everything worthwhile takes dedication, and desire. If you don’t really want it, you won’t do it. Don’t get to the end of your life and realize you’ve wasted it. Hell, I’m writing in this blog more often now just because I want to freaking write and reach out to other wicked beings. Set specific goals for particular days of the week and STICK to them no matter what (unless there is some emergency circumstance). What can you cut OUT of your life to make room for more of your DEEP desires?

We are so used to immediate gratification that any effort, even small, seems like too much work. Well fuck that – it’s time to…

4. Change your attitude and get creative. Do you admire negative people, self-conscious people, or people who just give up? Or do you look up to people who just deal with the shit of life, do what it takes, and figure out creative ways to get what they want, WITH INTEGRITY? Become someone who you’d look up to.

5. Don’t let anything stop you. Choose adjectives to describe yourself and repeat them to yourself all the time. Lately I keep telling myself I am tenacious. TENACIOUS. My new favourite word. That is definitely how I want to be, and the more I say it, the more I become it. I believe it! And I don’t just SAY it anymore, either, I DO things!

My life didn’t please me, so I created my life. – Coco Chanel


Do you have any tips or resources for becoming more awesome? Please share in the comments or on FB 🙂

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