The Weirdness of Being Human

Sometimes, I find myself in weird situations.

Like anyone, I guess. But I want to put myself there.

Once in a while, you are just unsure, you know? You sort of want to do something, but aren’t sure you should, or maybe you feel like it’s wrong, or it seems uncouth or deviant or dangerous. Like, “How the hell did I get myself into this?”

When I get in these situations, now, I think to myself, “What is the point of being human, if not to experience things AS a human?”

We are pretty lucky. I mean, as a whole, the human species can be pretty fucking vile. We destroy everything. We cause so much suffering. We are also capable of so much tenderness, beauty, compassion.

When things seem black, I will sometimes feel shame at being human. But it is what I am, and it is what you are.

It baffles me so hard when people are reluctant to try new things. We need to push our comfort zones, always. Other creatures don’t get to do this! We have a privilege. Life is more than a butt on a couch or vanilla sex.

So next time you are in a strange situation, let it happen, and just think to yourself, “Being human is fucking weird, man.” And just go with it. Laugh at it. Sink into the moment. It can be anything from dealing with someone screaming at you in traffic, or gnawing on your nipple.

I mean, do you wanna die tomorrow not having known what it’s like to be in the jungle or screw in the rain? Do you want to see the vistas and valleys from the top of the mountains, or just watch it on tv while you scarf down soda and chips? Do you want a comfortable life, or an exciting adventure?

It’s fine if you want comfort, but when you’re feeble and dying, what will be the thing you look back on with glee and fondness? All your nights with your Xbox, or the time you followed your strange desires? The constant stream of facebook, or the times you pushed your boundaries?

If you do that more often, your life will seem so much richer, so that when you do just chill and rest, it will feel decadent instead of “wasting time.” It will be a decision and not stagnancy.

Go out and live. Do something wild. Be someone you’d be jealous of.