Being Grown Up is for Old People

What is your definition of a “grown-up”?

When I looked up official definitions, I found this soul-numbing phrase:

: no longer young

Uh, really?

Here is another that is ironic to me:

: a person who is fully grown

Okay, so, if you’ve finished physically growing, then you’re a grown-up. Done. Easy! So I sort of like this definition because it’s simple. You don’t even have to do anything. Your body decides when to stop, but you are still going to be in charge of whatever you want to do with yourself.

But mostly I don’t like it, because I believe NO ONE is fully GROWN. We should ALWAYS be growing – mentally, but ALSO physically.

Huh? you say. Well, if you don’t work on building up your muscles, or building up your immune system with a healthy lifestyle, you’re just gonna stagnate and then parasites are all up in your business (including soul-sucking humans). Who wants that?

But what I mostly mean is that GROWING is continually becoming BETTER.

I will always be “growing up” – I will never be a “grown up” because to me that means boredom, complacency, settling, blending in, following, integrating, dying inside….

Same with the word “adult” – barf. Let’s see this one…

: fully grown and developed

: mature and sensible – not childish

Okay, I already touched on the first one. If you know someone who thinks they are fully grown and developed, run. You won’t learn anything from them except how to suck.

Mature and sensible is equal to not being childish? Um, k. Last I checked, being mature is being able to take care of yourself and be responsible. That means I can’t jump around on a bouncy castle and act like a goon if I want? I have to be SENSIBLE? Aaaaaagh!!! (picture me running away screaming).


But guess what? If you feel young, you will be young. You are what you say you are. My secret to being youthful is MORE than just eating raw, healthy food. I just feel like a big teenager. I don’t act like a complete idiot – that isn’t what I mean (and I don’t think all teenagers act like that, by the way! I love teenagers)! I just mean I have the following “youthful” qualities and cultivate them…I RELISH in them:

+ JOY and CURIOUSITY about everything
+ ENTHUSIASM for everything I do
+ PASSION for living
+ I REBEL against the things I don’t want to do, because they are a waste of life
+ I am OPEN


I don’t give a fuck what other people think I should be like at my age. I do what I want. It is MY life.

This is generally how young people think. Their thoughts tend to be tarnished by older people who have been brainwashed into thinking they have to be a certain way once they reach a certain chronological age. I dunno about you but I’m 18, even though I’ve been around the sun 36 times. Who cares?

There is a big difference in actually acting like a child, and being youthful. You can retain a child-like wonder and be a “mature adult.” You can be mature and still stay young. So many people lose their passions as they age…don’t let that happen to you. You can get that passion back, you can LEARN to cultivate it. Just take care of your business, and then look at the world with AWE.

Eternal Youth

Secrets to Youthfulness!

1. While you are actually, chronologically young, don’t poison yourself with dumb shit every week. If you must experiment, do it rarely, and be wary of what you choose to try. Be vegan. Eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables.

2. Do this when you are older, too. What you put in your body has the most influence on your energy levels and how quickly you age (physically AND mentally).

3. Get sunshine, but not too much.

4. Sleep. A lot.

5. Value free time + relaxation over money, and have a job or lifestyle that corresponds to that.

6. PLAY. Keep your youthful attitude. This doesn’t mean being immature in your responsibilities, but avoid becoming “serious” just because you’ve grown up.

7. Explore, as much as possible.

8. Be curious about EVERYTHING. SOAK up information – if you are in school, get the hell out and learn on your own. Your passion for learning will increase x 1000.

9. Work as little as possible for others and spend your time doing the work you are meant to do, whether it be painting, skateboarding, or activism.

10. Move. Your. Body. I don’t mean exercise, but find something you love that makes you use what you’ve got.

11. Have as much sex as possible with someone you LOVE (or at least totally adore!)

12. Have animals around you to cuddle.

13. Partake in things like waterslides and amusement parks.

14. Make sure you have a hobby that originated in your childhood. There’s a reason you loved it – don’t lose it.

15. Keep playing with your appearance. Don’t conform, ever.

16. Hang around other fun, playful people. Toss aside the boring ones, or force them to go do crazy things with you.