How to Overcome Fear in an Increasingly Scary World

Lorra Fae Wildfire of Passion School will inspire you to overcome fear and motivate yourself to be fulfilled in an increasingly scary world

The crumbling of this world lately is heavy on my heart.

I know society has always been this horrible. Killing people for stupid reasons – things that don’t matter. It’s so easy to be hateful.

Now these horrors are more close to home, impossible to ignore – though we continue to be distracted in order to cope, to pretend that we are safe, that we are immortal, that time for our physical bodies is never-ending.

And then wham! We are dead. We are old, feeble, destitute. We lament our wasted days, the moments we gave to useless garbage. Those are completely irretrievable – they are lost and ancient relics, not worthy of a written history, not worth calling “memories” at all, because they’re hollow – shells containing nothing at all.

I see people as conduits for astonishing beauty and discoveries – but humans on the whole seem to be a despicable species. We really have to fight our abhorrent natures to be luminaries. For some the fight is harder than for others. Some lose the war entirely, and cause more wars themselves.

We start out as beacons of hope, and for so many of us it is thwarted by other people, incidents that cause us to shatter, and the heaviness of everything going on in the world. These things drain us, jade us, and often turn us into dust.

Our lives are so fragile and easy to destroy.

Do we want an inner fire that is just an ember, so simple to smother? Or a wildfire impossible to put out?

If our bodies are killed, will we live on? Will everything inside us that was never released be lost forever? Or will we die EMPTY, having purged ourselves of all the ideas and art and music and beauty and goodness that we contain?

It is never-ending, of course. We can’t stop creating. We can’t stop loving, or doing – unless we are detached and inhuman. Too many of us are husks of our real selves – too many of us ignore those flames. We extinguish them with bullshit, with garbage, with chemicals that make life seem like a chore instead of a journey to our greater selves and the heights we can reach if we take each step of the climb to get there.

It is more important than ever to do what we have always dreamed of.

The reason we are so scared of death, particularly of premature death, is that we will not have the experiences we’ve always wanted, or to create what we’ve kept inside of us for so long. We fear that it’s too late. We fear someone else will take it away from us.

Most of us deny it to OURSELVES. Most of us are killing ourselves slowly, yet we fear someone else doing it to us – it’s happening to almost everyone, all the time. We kill ourselves with “food”, drugs, horrible soul-crushing jobs, alcohol, awful relationships, and every other thing that does not give us true fulfillment.

It is more important than ever to release what we having burning inside us – those things that scorch our souls every day, that we are scared to let out, that we fear will be judged, that we are terrified will fall flat.

The only thing that can be happen if we don’t let it all loose, is that we just exist and not much more.

The body is able to be killed, but the essence of who we are cannot be. The only way we can express ourselves in this universe, as who we are, is through the body we inhabit. This is our chance to do everything we dream of. Other than procreating, that is what a physical body is FOR.

We are not experiencing LIFE as we could be, not experiencing the natural world, the WILD, the essence of being AWAKE and AWARE of the intoxicating elixir of the universe.

Many people will see it through using medicinal plants, but astonishment and wonder are always there, and we can grasp them at any time if we pay attention. We need to listen to the calling of the heart that resides in our GUTS. It is always talking to us.

We need to stop silencing it, weighing it down, distracting it, poisoning it. It needs to be HEARD.


The inferno within needs to burn and take over our lives. Our world needs visionaries with torrid passion to lead us to our own paths. We need contributions of mad desire, of dedicated obsession, of star-bright wonderment. This path is available to all, at any time – we just have to discover the way. There are no maps. The only guide we have is our own imagination.

It is more important than ever that we do it NOW, because some lunatic could just kill us at any time – a person who chose the wrong fork in the road – someone who never really got to be who they were truly destined to be – that denial of their possible greatness led them to nefarious choices. They could shoot us in the face while we sign autographs. Slaughter us while we dance at a nightclub. Murder us while we are in our car. Mow us down while we celebrate life with others. It’s impossible to know.

Unless you live through an ordeal where you almost lose your life, you may never stop taking life for granted.

Should we wait for these moments? Most people don’t have near-death experiences. Most people are already near death without even realizing it. Sitting in their chairs staring at screens, mindless, scarfing down cupcakes and pizza, slogging through cubicle jobs and corporate drudgery.

And for what?

To drown out the deep soul-calling to be what they are capable of.

Being an example of human possibility is not an easy task to take on. It takes strength and courage and love. Most of us don’t believe we have that in us.


The time is NOW. THIS SECOND. More than ever we are at risk – but remember – most people are dying slowly every single day of their own terror – the internal terrorism of their own minds.

We need to fight that internal war more than ever. We need to conquer ourselves.

The more of us that finally listen and follow this call, the more the world will heal, the better it will be, and maybe we can finally deem human beings a species worth calling magnificent.


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How to Tell if You Are Dying

Confused on why you feel like shit? Just always feel like hell, no matter what you do? Always easier just to sit around, stare at a screen, and eat cake for dinner?

You’re dying.

Mentally, and physically.

Here are some other symptoms:

  • You prefer to be asleep, so you can live in your dreams, instead of making them a reality.
  • You believe that it is inevitable to deteriorate with age, that it is normal to feel like shit, gain weight, ache in all places, be stiff, bored, uninterested in anything but TV and going to the bar.
  • You eat processed foods, anything called “junk” food, or animal products.
  • You’re on medication.
  • You don’t move your body much. You sit all the time.
  • You don’t remember what it’s like to be a kid. You’ve disassociated because it’s too painful to remember – you think you’ve lost that part of yourself.
  • You don’t sleep enough and rely on stimulants to get through the day.
  • You believe you have to “get through the day” as if every day is a punishment.
  • You spend your time doing things you loathe.
  • You spend your time around people you loathe.
  • You loathe yourself.
  • You complain about everything.
  • You scoff at happy people.
  • You constantly think “Why bother?”
  • You dread everything.
  • You consider yourself a victim.

These are not life pains, these are signs of a dying soul.

You have strength within you, even if it’s a tiny spark; if you FAN that with movement and desire, it will BURST INTO FLAMES.

In my next post, I will teach you how to come alive, to burn like wildfire, to see life as a dance with the universe, instead of a spiral into monotony and drabness.

You are not really dying – you just aren’t truly living.

Doing Everything You Want to Do

How great would it be to be able to say when you die, “I did everything I wanted to do!”?

This is the statement you will want to make when  you’re dying. Not: “Did I make enough money?” or “Was I skinny enough?” or “Did I work hard enough?” or “Did I watch enough TV, browse enough on Tumblr, and play enough World of Warcraft??”

No. You’re going to wish you did all the shit you REALLY wanted to do. The stuff your soul wanted you to do. The stuff you resisted because it was too hard, too much effort, too scary, too uncomfortable, too “unrealistic,” and not an easy, guaranteed success.

If you talk to elderly people, so many of them have deep regrets. They regret not eating better, being more active, spending time with loved ones, not going after their dreams, working too hard, and on and on.

Don’t be one of those people. Do things, even if you suck. You will get better. I do stuff I suck at ALL the time. And I get frustrated! But I keep going, because I know with enough time and effort, I will improve. So will you.

I don’t care how old you are, how sick you are, or where you live, what your gender is – you can do whatever you want – but only if you BELIEVE  you can. Don’t squander your time with bullshit. It’s just BULLSHIT.

If you believe you can’t do something, you are right. You won’t even try. That is the difference between you and everyone who does the things they want to do. The difference is passion, consistent action, and belief in one’s self. That is it.

If your true passions are video games and TV, fine. Delve into them beneath the surface level. Make sure they are TRUE passions, and not just stuff you do cuz they’re “fun” or a way to entertain yourself mindlessly. If you have deeper dreams and goals, don’t ignore them. Don’t mask them with pointless junk. Don’t distract yourself.

I feel like I repeat myself a lot on this blog, but you know what? This sort of thing NEEDS repeating, because people WASTE THEIR FUCKING LIVES, ALL THE TIME.

It’s sad. I hate seeing it. I want to push you. I want to inspire you. I want to set fire to your soul. I want to see you create and experience the beautiful things that can exist in your life.

You are going to die, and it’s the best thing that can ever happen to you – because once you realize this fact, you may just do the most you can with your LIFE.

The Desire for Immortality

It’s exhausting and frustrating being interested in (almost) everything.

But I can’t stop.

I wear an ankh necklace for a reason. And I actually want one tattooed on my wrist. As a reminder that I am NOT immortal, and that my time is finite and I need to make the most of every damn minute I have. I don’t really  have time for a “regular” job (but I do try to make the most of my time when I am there, plus I am surrounded by lovely people and masses of knowledge).

So much to do. I know I post about it often, but I really do not understand how anyone can be bored. There is so much to do, see, revel in, taste, smell, drink in, love up, dance upon, swirl in, dive into, fondle, make love to, swim through, feast your eyes on, share with lovers, read, imagine, create.

I get so immersed in things. I read all I can. I want to take part in so many things yet much of what I love doing requires solitude. I don’t go out much anymore and this is going to change. I gotta get out there again and experience real life. Winter is so great for nesting with books and whatnot, but when spring hits I feel renewed and more social. Is it time for me to get amongst my old friends? It’s been about three years that I have been in this modality – I have phases of solitude and massive social behaviour that last a few years at a time.

If I could be immortal, I would be. So many people think it would be a horrid thing. Not me. I want to live as long as possible which is part of my reason for living and eating how I do. Even if our lifespans are getting longer, what is the quality of life for most people living to be really old? Probably not that fantastic. I would rather live a completely badass life and live fewer years than until 120 stuck in a nursing home.

First sign of immortality potion, sign me up.

What are some things I would do if I could live forever?

(I know I can do most of these things anyway)

+ Well first of all, I would write a fuckload of books. Books are my saviour and lifeline and blood and guts.

+ I would want to make films.

+ I’d ride a motorcycle around the world. I’d row across oceans.

+ I’d have a whipsmart band and spew lyrics like a banshee.

+ I would generate the most gorgeous photos I could concoct in my head.

+ I would grow fantastical gardens that take over whole cities.

+ I ‘d have a Pied Piper entourage of dogs.

+ I would have a brood of amazing children who make the world a better place.

+ I’d be the most epic surfer.

+ I’d build a treehouse studio to draw huge beautiful ink portraits.

+ I’d amass a harem of lovers.

+ I would heal as many people and animals as possible.

+ I’d read every beautiful phrase ever written.

+ I’d travel to every country and soak in its luminous qualities.

+ So many countless things I would do. So much I could learn.

Our brains are so endless. We use, what, 10%? I want to fill it up – and I know that is beautifully  impossible. And so I could do it forever, filling and filling until I burst – and that would be my moment of death.

Back to the stars. Back to the ocean. Back to the earth. I am already a part of those things, but having a body and having a mind is the most gorgeous gift of all. Don’t take it for granted.

Live it up.

Like Omigod, I Could Just DIE

I don’t want to have time to waste.

I don’t wanna be at the end of my life going “DAMN, I wish I’d done that, cuz I sure had time.”

You know what would be even worse than getting to be old and accomplishing nothing? Dying in the next few days, or in a week, or a month. Then you’d really lament your situation, if you had time to think about it.

It’s tragic when people die young, especially when they are exceptionally talented – it’s even worse when they die because of suicide, or drugs, or whatever. It’s such a waste.

I think about death often. Not because I’m morbid, but because I really want to live, man! I want to be an old pink-haired banshee on a motorcycle thinking: “Shit I had a good fucken life. I lived the hell out of every second!”

“I’ve had 72 absolutely flaming years. It (the illness) doesn’t bother me at all, because, you know love, when you’ve lived like I have, you’ve done it all. I put all my effort into living; any dope can drop dead.” – Vali Myers.

People don’t like to think much about dying because it’s scary. But WHY is it scary? It scares people because they don’t want to give up their pleasures, or they still have things they want to do. Do them NOW, so you don’t ever have to be in that situation! Even if you die young, you will have at least spent your time putting a good, creative energy out there. You will have been fulfilling your spirit instead of just distracting your brain , which the majority of people tend to do with TV, gossip mags, etc.

This ties in with people being “bored” – you don’t get to be bored, man. There is 10 gajillion (a real number, okay?) things out there to be interested in. If you can’t find something fascinating out there, you need to get out more. You need to isolate yourself until you are able to amuse yourself.

Guess what! You’re gonna die, and you never know when. Yer gonna be pissed at yourself if you have been playing video games all day and then you are pulverized by a mack truck tomorrow. You could have written the most glorious poem of your life, you could have sent love letters to your family, you could have rescued an injured bird, you could have drawn something inspirational, you could have danced your heart out all night with friends, you could have scaled a small mountain, you could have had your first surf lesson, you could have ravaged your lover until they collapsed from exhaustion, you could have learned something that helped you feel more at peace with yourself and others, you could have skateboarded until your knees were on fire.

I could go on and on. Don’t waste your precious moments. Whatever you love most, spend your time doing that – any spare moment, dedicate it to your passions.