Imaginary Boundaries

This world is weird. Captain Obvious, here, nice to meet you.

Anyway, I was pondering this the other day when I was sitting in a spot in the sun, on the steps of a building near where I work.

Someone in the building seemed to have an issue with this and tried a power-trip to get me to leave. I did, but he wanted me to ask his permission to sit there, even though he did not own the building  and all I was doing was sitting on the steps quietly eating my lunch.

This led me to be really aggravated and wonder why people think that they “own” space. I don’t mean property, I mean SPACE.

How nice would it be if we could just enjoy the world without lame restrictions – who am I harming by sitting in the sun’s rays?

I am also baffled by how human beings are treated if they try to adhere to a more natural lifestyle, including with their own children. I have heard many a story of people who’ve had their children taken away by feeding them a vegan diet (let alone a raw one!). Many have been held circumspect for wanting an unassisted homebirth, or allowing their children to be barefoot. Mothers are looked at strangely for breastfeeding in public, not to mention if they breastfeed for more than a couple of years.

How the hell did we get to the point we are at? I mean, most of it is traceable of course, but still…we are so unnatural, most people don’t even know what natural IS anymore. They think if a product says “natural” that it means it is – far from it.

It’s impossible to be completely natural anymore – our world is too tainted with chemicals and invisible borders. If you want to live amongst society, it is just not a possibility. And so we do our best, if we want to be more primal. And by primal I do not mean like cavemen, or eating meat. I mean to be in touch with our deepest selves. How we would be in our most ideal conditions, without modernity, in touch with our real needs.

A real human need is sunlight. I work in a dark room all day, so when it is nice out, I go out to be in the sun. The way it shines at that point of the day is toward apartment buildings and shops, so I sit there. For someone to want to deny this from me, especially after months of winter, was crazy. I was not on someone’s doorstep, or in their personal space. To appease his ego, he wanted me to ask his permission and I would not. I only left because I wanted him to leave ME alone!
Never apologize for getting something you absolutely need for your well-being. I ended up sitting in the grass of someone else’s “personal property” because in that area, that’s all there is.

People might think you are nuts for doing what you do, even if it’s a necessity. People will question your dietary choices if you eat raw, they will be baffled that you go into the sun without chemicals all over yourself to block the “bad, cancer-causing” rays (yet the sunscreen is full of toxic  junk + carcinogens). They will be wide-eyed at you feeding your baby from your breast on the bus, they will scoff if you don’t wear shoes.

It’s a funny source, but this is a suitable quote from The Walking Dead comics that I love SO much!

“The thing about smart mother fuckers is that sometimes, they sound like crazy mother fuckers to stupid mother fuckers…”

How right that is.

Do what needs doing, and be proud of it.