The Answers are Simple

Photo of me and Isis by Leigh Righton

When I get scared, I know I must do the thing that scares me. I have to push through and do it anyway.

When I feel I can’t do something, or someone says I can’t, I know that I can, and will.

When I feel anxious, I know that I gotta just go for it anyway. Most anxiety is just imagined stuff that will never happen – 99.9% of the time. And usually anxiety is about dumb shit, too! When I realized fight or flight kicks in when bad situations happen, I realized that worrying is pointless – you automatically know what to do when the moment strikes.

When I feel lazy, I just have to get up and put 30 seconds of effort in. Then I usually want to continue.

When I set a SPECIFIC goal and date, I always stick with it. When I say “Yeah I should do this…tomorrow” it  never works. A specific plan always works and makes me feel positive, because I have a map to follow instead of some lame directions given by a tourist who doesn’t even really know the way.

When I have a couple of things to do daily, I do them. When I have a huge list, I do none of them. Better to have small steps than no steps.

When it’s mid-winter and I feel like I want to kill myself, I know I need vitamin D.

When I feel sleepy, I sleep. When I feel thirsty, I drink. When I feel cranky, I know I need sleep or carbs or water. When I feel snappy I try and spare everyone this yuckiness and go do something for myself – me first, then everyone else will be able to bask in my glow instead of my black cloud.

When I start to mourn my youth, I know it’s time to dress up, go out, and dance.

There’s always an answer.

Here I come.

Become a Chasm

When you’re ready for it, you get it.

Every time I have been ready for a change in my life, the perfect thing presents itself.

This happened with raw food, it happened with my relationship, and it has happened countless other times.

The right book always shows up – and it’s usually already in my house.

It has also happened with break-ups – every time I’ve been heartbroken, I’ve discovered my next favourite band. This happens without fail.

I know information that can change peoples’ lives. But I know they won’t implement it unless they are truly open. If I make a suggestion, they will fight everything I say. They are not ready to change. This happens so often it baffles me. I think, “Man, if they only knew, or just tried this….

I found a raw food book, and signed it out, around 10 years ago. I didn’t read it then. I don’t think I would have been ready – it had to be at a pinnacle moment. And when that moment arrived, the information flooded in. I did finally read that book and wished I had a decade before. Life knew what I needed (and so did I, subconsciously!), but I didn’t clue in.

During another heartbreak I discovered Byron Katie – though did not read her until the following year. I needed other lessons within that time, and when I read her book, all the previous agony made sense – much more than it would have originally.

And now, a Seth Godin book, one paragraph – mind blown.

So if you are really looking for an answer to your issues, be OPEN. Be so open that you are a chasm, so that whatever is trying to find you can fall right in and light you up.