Violin Spine III: Sea Inside Me: My Year in Tofino

This is a labour of love. Written in 2005, the content of my booklet is what transpired in my life over the course of a year and a bit while living in the west-coast Canadian surf town, Tofino. Inside are tales of unrequited love and a lot of lust, surfing and biking stories, psychedelic trips, spontaneous friendships, hitch-hiking, staff housing drama, and my troubles fitting into a place where I felt like an outcast despite loving it all so much. I spent 9 years fidgeting with this zine, making it look perfect. I hope you enjoy it.

Content looks like:

70-page hand-written and illustrated booklet/zine printed version. Colour copy: $22! B/W copy is $10. Includes shipping costs.

Violin Spine III: E-Book Version!

70-page zine/booklet, in e-book format. $10!



Please email to send funds to Paypal




You can buy through my Etsy store!

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