About Lorra

Wild Heart, Tenacious Warrior

Photo of me by Aiko.

Why do I write this stuff? To connect to other people who want to make the most of their lives, see the world, create beauty, and just live it the fuck up.

I am a lover of everything – to some extent almost everything interests me, but the things that top my list of gushing:

  • Surfing: I lust for waves and the divine presence they bring. It is everything good about life.
  • Reading: I never get enough. I read until my eyes bleed.
  • Writing: A life-long obsession I try to dedicate the majority of my time to.
  • Ninjutsu: Goddamn does this make me feel badass.
  • Art: Pen and ink work is my favourite. Vali Myers is my biggest inspiration. Also Camilla d’Errico, Nati, Aubrey Beardsley, Ruby, Craig Thompson, Ellen Forney, Mary Fleener.
  • Animals: Put me in a room with (friendly) animals and I will be happy for hours.
  • Nutrition: The foundation of a healthy flow. I am always seeking out the best ways to feel naturally high. Raw foods and eating mostly fruit and greens has done this for me. I am usually 100%, but I do not believe it is required for everyone, all the time.
  • Photography: The visual  inspires me more than anything else.
  • Nature: GET ME OUT THERE! 🙂
  • DRAG QUEENS and burlesque 🙂

I tend to be a loner but also love people. People fascinate me and I LOVE reading blogs, personal zines, biographies, and memoirs. I love fiction, travel literature, and … pretty much anything written well.

Anything artistic – music, film, fine art, photography – it’s all good. If it arouses something in me, if it makes me obsess, cry, or fawn over it, I feel like gold, like life is supposed to feel.

I’ve been blogging for 16  years. Please say hello!

Here’s some places you can find me!

Instagram: lorrafae

Snapchat: lorrafae

Twitter: misslorra

Tumblr: Passion School

Pinterest: Lorra Fae

Goodreads: Lorra Fae

Deviantart: opiumpoppy

Flickr: opiumpoppy

Amazon Wishlists

Youtube: opiumpoppy and Wild + Raw!


7 thoughts on “About Lorra

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      • The fake profiles from scammers, or jealous gal checking up on some guy, usually harvest pictures from model sites to lure us guys in cause we are not using the proper brain.
        Well some of us can use the proper brain… and when I see pics that seem to good to be true, I run them through http://tineye.com/. From there it was easy to find you since you are very out there, and it seemed obvious from your blog that you had not moved across the country. I certainly don’t write to that person and report the profile to pof immediately. I don’t wish anyone to be conned and would not like to have my picture out there being misused and since pof was not getting rid of the profile I felt it was necessary to inform you.
        Not having your email, I used this public forum… which you may delete.
        The universe is back in order.

        Passe une belle été!

  2. Just commented on another one of your posts and then felt bad because you said you figured that would be your most popular post. So I though I’d read some more and I’m fairly certain you are my twin soul, haha. Will be reading more. Thanks for the great posts!

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