Choosing to Be a Hero, or a Disgrace (a Post About Rape)

I warn you now, this post is rife with bad language, because I’m angry, and confused.

Social media is flooded with articles on the recent rape at Stanford.

The whole thing is repulsive, unbelievable, and clearly raising the hackles of everyone who has a compassionate bone in their body.

Being a rapist, a murderer, a criminal – these are all choices. Why the fuck would someone choose that?

Why would this piece of shit “human being” choose this? Alcohol doesn’t make you a rapist – alcohol tends to make you more of what you already are, like money does. This pathetic person, like all rapists, already has it in them. They are weak, pathetic, useless trolls who need power to feel important or valued.

How come all the drunken people I’ve been around haven’t tried to rape me? Is it because I wasn’t shitfaced? What about when I was? It’s been a rare event in my life, I’ve probably been really drunk only a few times, over a decade ago – and the worst time I was camping with a bunch of guy friends, also drunk. And none of them tried to rape me.


So, why the hell do rapists choose to rape? They’re clearly taught that it’s fine, by their fathers, or their brothers, or their friends. Or they feel weak and intimidated by women.

But so what? Many men are, and they don’t rape girls. So why the fuck does anyone choose to be a rapist?

Like, why? Do people actually WANT to be rapists? I really am baffled by this. Why wouldn’t someone want to be as fucking awesome as possible, and be a hero?

Seriously! Why would ANYONE choose being a RAPIST over being an amazing, heroic human being? THAT is the way to get respect! THAT is the way to win people over, have love, feel confident, powerful – not the cowardly act of raping someone.  WHY? How does that better your life? By ruining another person’s? Do you really want to RUIN someone’s life? WHY? What does that say about you? Does it improve your fucking life? Does it make you better?

Deep down inside they can’t believe this is true. Deep down they know they are shit. Deep down they know they are worthless.

But who told them they were worthless? Why do they think that? And why do they think rape and murder and assault and whatever other fucking atrocity they commit will make them WORTHY?

What makes a person WORTHY OF RESPECT, POWER, and LOVE is to GIVE respect, power, and love.

You don’t get it by assaulting and raping. You don’t get it by damaging other people in any way.

And to deny it, to flip it around, to blame the women – fuck you. Seriously, fuck anyone who does that. You’re pathetic wastes-of-air.

I have a lot of compassion, but not for people like this. These are CHOICES. You are not mentally ill, you’re a fucking disgrace. You chose to be a rapist. You chose this life.

There are endless other choices – infinite. And you chose rape.

So rot in hell you fucker, I hope that you get what you deserve while you’re put away for a few paltry months, and I hope that this media onslaught of horror really changes the system, because if it doesn’t, how the hell can we call anything justice?

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