What If I Don’t Know What to Do With My Life?


“what the hell do i do with my life?”


too many damn interests? how to choose?

often it just becomes too overwhelming and it’s just easier to do…nothing.

or just consume everything, and not create.


the secret is…combining. getting quiet. and only focusing on 2 or 3 main passions. ONE if possible.


the other interests can be part-time, small parts of your life. you can still have them. just don’t make them your focus.


so what’s your main passion? if you’re like me, it changes on you, regularly! you think you’ve figured it out, and then WHAM, you’re suddenly enamoured with something else.

if this happens, you need to remove all your distractions, and dig deep.

you need to think back as far as possible.

and you need to remember how you were as a kid.

what has persisted since then? what have you wanted to do this whole time?


and how do you want to FEEL? which of these things lights you up like nothing else?

THAT is the ONE THING. THAT is your focus. If you can combine it with another interest, then even better.


You already know the answer to what your greatest passion is. it’s usually the simplest, most obvious answer. If you’ve ever written out lists of what you love to do, for social media, for dating profiles, interests on your resume – it’s generally the first thing you write, or at least in the first 3.


you already know. so do that. every day, as much as possible. center everything around it. make space.

if you don’t, you are ignoring your inner flame, and dousing it with apathy.

we have enough darkness.

light up.


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