3 Things I Know to Be True

1. Eat plants.

Only plants. Mostly raw. Whole foods, nothing processed. Fresh. Stop being so concerned about protein and start worrying about fiber. Carbs are your friend.

2. Your Beliefs are What Make You Miserable – Or Happy.

Humans love to feel victimized by others, and to believe everything we are told. Instead, we are believing our thoughts about what we are being told. But does that make them true? There are a lot of options that could be true – or not. Choose which one gives you the most peace. As Byron Katie says – you can fight reality, and you will lose – but only 100% of the time.

3. Simpler is Better.

There is a lot to be said for simple. Humans love to over-complicate things. Usually, the answers to our questions are the simplest – so simple that we don’t notice them. Simple diet. Minimal stuff. The answer to our questions are usually embedded in the questions themselves, or very close by. Usually, the answers are screaming at us, but we are ignoring them, or unable to hear, because we have so much STUFF going on around us. More stuff, more junk, more distractions = more problems.

So if I were to be dying, leaving my best advice to the world, it would be to eat plants and plants alone, simplify everything in your life as much as possible, to be in tune with the natural world, and to question every distressing belief you have – turn it around and see how it is true, as well.

But since I am not dying, I’ll just write it here anyway. Why wait?

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