Your Job is You

Your most important work is to become who you fully are.

This is ingrained in your DNA. It is patterned in your brain. To ignore it is to stagnate and die, early and slowly – painfully.

It is manifested in depression, anxiety – these things we cultivate, we don’t know where they come from. Bombarded with outside pressures, saturated with media bullshit, claustrophobic from other humans who say what, how, when, where, why we should do things. We are drowned out – our internal visions, that which make up our real selves, are long forgotten, buried, locked in the catacombs. There, they whither, and fade away to dust, starved.

Get quiet. Become selfish. Walk outside, away from the chaos, into the void. Your answers are already there. You KNOW – you just ignore.

Fear is usually false, unless you are facing a predator, or annihilation. Failure, or criticism, can easily be conquered. Your weapon is honouring who you are.

When you are authentic, you kill hate, you slaughter villains, and you become your own hero – a very powerful place to be, where you can fearlessly be the true you, to be and create whatever you want, and to sing your songs to everyone who was meant to hear them.

You must, MUST, spend the most time possible – ANY moment possible – on cultivating more of YOU. The parts you’ve repressed. The parts full of buoyancy and nerve.

The people who do this, are the people we admire. These are the people we are jealous of. With no need, because we have all the capability to plunge deep into our guts and pull out what we’ve been hiding from everyone our whole lives, burdened by parents and jobs and haters and losers and asshole kids on the playground when we were 8, and prissy asshats in high school. They are nothing – you are everything – so blast everyone with your unbelievable courage and make us gasp.

You have it in you. Listen.

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