Saturation of the Positive

I find that things people spend their time looking at, especially online and on TV, promotes self-loathing and hopelessness. The news, Facebook, etc – these sorts of things inundate us with low feelings and make it difficult to believe we can do anything to help others or help ourselves.

Often people will do something – like a seminar, or read a book that inspires them, or they will make a New Year’s resolution and feel totally PUMPED…and then it tapers off pretty quickly.

This has happened to me, many, many times.

The thing I have found that works is CONSTANT saturation of positive things. To ONLY read, listen to, and watch things that promote self-confidence, hope, and joy.

I don’t mean ignore everything bad going on – but don’t start your day that way. Don’t blast yourself with all the rotten shit going on in the world. I think I’ve watched the news less than 10 times in my life – do I still know what’s going on in the world, what is REALLY important? YES, because people talk about it. It still comes into my stratosphere. When I do pay attention, it has a profound, negative affect on me. I feel useless and hopeless – and it makes me hate the world, instead of trying to make it better. I think this is common.

Continue a positive high, every day, by feeding your ears, mouth, eyes with only nourishing, beautiful, inspiring things. Say thank you, over and over again for the blessings that you have, even if it’s something small. There’s a REASON successful, happy people say to do this – it’s not a cliché. It is actually a necessity to have a happy, positive life. If you do have some grievance, either find the positive that comes with it, or get out of that situation. Stop wasting your life and acting like a victim. Real victims have no choices, and even then, often they will find ways out with enough determination, perhaps risking death in the process. Now that’s inspiring!

Get the hell off of Facebook. Reading what someone had for lunch or reading a rant isn’t going to further your life or make you feel better. Why not read something by a genius instead? There are so many books out there with great wisdom that can further your knowledge and move you further ahead in life, get you into better situations and out of toxic ones, than mindlessly looking at status updates. Same with video games or garbage on youtube. Do that stuff when you’ve exhausted yourself with positive MOTION throughout your day, if you must get your fix. Relax with it LATER, WHEN AND IF you have accomplished things that get you closer to where you want to be. Are you close to where you want to be? No? Are you taking steps to get there? No? Then what do you expect?

Ever since I have been implementing this way of being into my life I have felt way better. I got sick of acting like a victim about 8 years ago. I’m not one, and I refuse to be one. I have more than ample opportunities to change my life, and I don’t need much to do so. I have the internet, and I have access to a library. That’s really all someone needs to learn everything they need to know to make their life amazing.

I mean obviously you need to go to school if you want to be a doctor or something, but I mean the rest of us – we need to learn, and we need to do the WORK, and we need to stay positive. DOING THE WORK is the most important thing! Saturating yourself with positive messages ALL THE TIME works wonders – try it, even if it’s just for a month. See how you feel! I started trading in books I’ve had for years that I might never get to, for books I know will better my life. Classic stuff that’s been around forever, or that are authored by genius minds.

I listen to podcasts or audio programs constantly as I drive (and now I love driving anywhere, no matter how far it is). I watch only positive, motivating youtube stuff. I rarely watch anything just for entertainment at this point, maybe a couple times a week, but I just don’t see the point unless it’s something I absolutely adore. I do spend time on Instagram but that is because it makes me have GOOD feelings, and INSPIRES me instead of bringing me down.

What about you? Do you spend your life on pointless endeavors, and then wonder why you feel shitty all the time? Or do you work towards becoming happier and more valuable?

Our main work in life should be to become as awesome as we possibly can. Nobody is perfect, but we can catch ourselves doing pointless junk and replace it with useful stuff. Nobody is going to wish they spent more time on Facebook when they come to the end of their life.

Who inspires you the most? Which books, which youtube channels, which movies, which programs, which websites? What are your goals, and what are you doing to achieve them? Please share!

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