Why You Are Wild

When I read this poem by Mary Oliver a couple of years ago, this part hit me in the chest like you wouldn’t believe. It said exactly how I felt, and it gave me strength.

I knew I was wild, and I’d forgotten. Not completely, but I was anxious and depressed and wasn’t sure why. I had repressed myself, and when I got stirred up, I had fleeting glimpses of who I was meant to be, who I WAS, at my core.

The right words can wake you up in an instant.

YES, I thought, reading this. YES, THIS IS IT. I AM WILD, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?

And I became such. I was not always decent or honest, but I was being true to myself. In order to be that way with others, I had to let myself be who I really was, first. I needed to remember what I was at my core. Sometimes I still feel I am not wild enough – not like I know myself to be. I let it out as much as I can within the walls of society. I like to continuously break them down.

And you too, are wild. Have you forgotten? Are you living a mundane existence, or are you morose, and not sure why? Are you always living a dull life? I implore you to remember your wildness. It’s there, and if you are not afraid, and you embrace it, it can take you very, very far.

This life prescribed to you by society, is not who you are inside. You are likely repressing a true feral heart, and dulling it down because of expectations, commitments, and obligations. Even constrained by typical life, you can find ways to indulge and feed the beast inside you.

Cultivate this roaring part of yourself, and you will feel free.


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