What Makes an Adventure?

Adventure Time in Melbourne, Australia, 2013


A lot of people get their adventures in life by watching other people on screens, reading about them in books, playing games in exquisitely detailed imagined worlds, or simply by daydreaming.

I have been wondering lately if people do this out of fear, or just absolute belief that they could not do such things on their own.

People take exotic vacations and tend to do packaged deals, all-inclusive, and why? Yeah, it’s nice and relaxing, but you could do that at home – why spend so much to go so far, and not really immerse yourself in the culture? Why take a prescribed route? That’s boring, it doesn’t challenge you, and you don’t grow. Fair enough if that’s what you want, but ask yourself are you afraid, or are you actually content with a mediocre life?

It actually does not take a lot to get out of your comfort zone, you can take small steps to get where you dream of going.

When I went to Thailand last year, I admit, I was extremely nervous, mostly due to other circumstances I was going through at the time that had me at a heightened state of anxiety. As soon as I got out of that situation, my anxiety vanished and I booked my trip. I actually planned VERY little, and listened to the people (who were MANY) who had gone before and insisted it was fine, and easy. I had a basic idea of what I wanted to do, learned a few things to watch out for, and that’s it. No concrete plans, I just went, and I loved it. That’s how I like to do things – learn the crucial info and then wing it – then it’s a real adventure because you have no clue what to expect!

All the people who had not been to Thailand were concerned about me going. These people are not adventurous, or sit in front of video game worlds for hours upon hours each day, or assume that bad things happen only in other places, and never our own. Everyone who had been said the exact opposite and were wildly positive about their experiences. I will never let fear stop me – only intuition.

So what makes an adventure? Getting yourself out in the actual, physical world. Doing things you’ve never done. Doing things you think you cannot do. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Exploring everything. Examining your surroundings wherever you are. Getting into NATURE. Moving your body! Dreaming big and going for it. Knowing that ordinary people are the ones accomplishing extraordinary things, they just believe they can and do the work, and so can you.

Don’t waste your life in a fantasy world – create a real one. The fantasy begins after we die – because no one knows what happens – but you can choose what happens to you now, so make it count.


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One thought on “What Makes an Adventure?

  1. Nice summary of what makes an adventure (and an adventurous life). I especially appreciate your challenge to readers to move away from passive consumption of fantasy to actually LIVING adventure!

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