Three Books That Changed My Life

Like most people who read voraciously, there are always those special, soul-changing books that creep into your life. Usually they aren’t ones you seek out. Often they sit on your bookshelf for years before you get around to reading them. Sometimes they just pop up at the right moment and pique your interest. That happened with all of these books, and they changed my life in profound ways.

Raw Family

This tiny little memoir (with some recipes, too) chronicles the life of a normal family who moved from Russia to the USA, and who all had debilitating, horrible health problems. Arthritis, obesity, type 1 diabetes, asthma, arrhythmia, and more.

This book is a powerful testament to how much a natural diet of plant foods in their raw state can heal you of seemingly impossible problems. It is one of many books I have read on the topic of diet and raw foods, yet I credit it with being the catalyst for my changes. It also includes a section on how the whole family hiked the Pacific Crest trail on raw foods, while collecting wild edibles.

Loving What Is

I was working in a book warehouse when I came across this author’s other book on relationships. At the time, I was going through massive confusion in an intense, long-distance romance, and the title caught me. I felt like I needed to read it. However, I didn’t pick up the book. I didn’t get around to reading it for another year, when I was going through yet another confusing time with someone. But I remembered the book very clearly and knew it was time to read it.

That book, and this one, changed my entire perception of everything. All things. This book especially because it is applicable to anything in life.

It focuses on a series of 4 simple questions that you can ask about any thought, any situation, any painful beliefs you have. It is powerful, life-changing stuff, and has changed my thought-processes. It has spread like wildfire through my friends because I recommend it so often, and it has changed the lives of many people I know.

You question everything, you put it through the wringer, and you turn everything upside down to see what is true, and what could also be true. It forces you to see yourself, and you take back your power. You start to see reality instead of delusion.

The War of Art

I had this book on my shelf for a long time before I read it. I had it on a wish list for years. I saw it where I worked, for years. Finally, a few months ago, I picked it up, and read it within a couple of days.

BAM. Right in the face, everything hits me. I underlined almost every sentence of the book, because it is so DENSE with inspiration and REALITY. Like it says on the cover, it is a KICK IN THE ASS.

Ever since I’ve read this book, I have been more productive than I’ve ever been in my life. Again, it has spread through to other people I know, because I am so wild about it. I recommend it in many of my posts because it really is that good.

It’s short, concise, and can be one of those books you just flip to any page, read a few sentences, and feel like taking on everything you’ve ever wanted to do.

Even better is he has two more books on the same subject that are just as awesome.

They focus on getting shit DONE. Whether it be creative work, getting healthy, or anything in between, you will be motivated to get your ass in gear and DO THE WORK to get there.


What books have changed your life? PLEASE share in the comments or on FB! I am always looking for the most amazing, motivating, inspiring books out there.

2 thoughts on “Three Books That Changed My Life

  1. You should read “you can buy happiness and it’s cheap” by Tammy Strobel (I can lend it to you) or any of her comrades in the tiny house movement.

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