My Personal List of Dreams and Goals

Me in Hawaii, 2010

I love reading other people’s goals and fantasies, especially if they are taking steps to achieve them. Why have dreams and aspirations at all, if not to have something to strive for, to live for?

Here is an incomplete list of things I want to do and accomplish while I am alive.  I am taking steps to do all of them, these are not just fantasies.

I’d love to hear yours, too.

+ Travel to every continent, and every country possible
+ Write my series of novels (and more books)
+ Have a great community of friends around the world who I connect with via this blog and elsewhere
+ Have several rescued dogs
+ Learn to ride a motorcycle
+ Age beautifully
+ Be in a band and make music
+ Stay healthy until I am old and rainbow (not grey! When my hair is white you better believe it’s getting dyed crazy colours – I would do it now if it wasn’t so damaged – though white hair is pretty bad-ass, too – no short grey hair for me).
+ Help other people become healthier
+ Get my black belt (and higher) in Ninjutsu
+ Later when this happens, I want to teach other people to defend themselves, especially girls, and have a dojo with my partner
+ Get so fit it baffles people (and myself)
+ Ride barrels on my surfboard (this one is gonna be tricky but it’s still really my #1 desire)
+ Work for myself forever and be financially independent and successful on my own terms
+ Inspire others to get truly healthy and make the most of their lives
+ Write and draw my graphic memoir from my 90s teenage years
+ Continually become more and more awesome
+ Have my own home and land with mega gardens
+ Travel across Canada
+ Watch a surf contest at Pipeline, in person
+ Various naughty things I’m not going to elaborate on
+ Read thousands of books
+ Hike many long trails
+ Liberate some helpless creatures
+ Go to Burning Mam
+ Connect with the people who inspire me the most
+ Only spend time with people who add positivity and joy to my life
+ Be kind and loving, but fierce and relentless
+ Give a shit about things that MATTER, and ignore the bullshit

I have been working for many years on crafting a life that allows me to do what I want.

If you don’t have a list you refer to often, you will melt into the mediocrity of basic existence. Don’t just exist. LIVE.

Please share yours in the comments or on Facebook 🙂


Recommended Reading:

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The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World
Do the Work

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