Life is Too Short


Life is too short

for boring kisses
for television
for gossip
for bad relationships
for unhealthy habits (you want to make life even shorter??)
for killing time
for endless Facebooking or Twitter
for being stagnant
for talking down to yourself
for ignoring your passions
for halting your progress
for blaming everyone else
for video games
for staying inside
for excuses
for harming other beings
for a job you loathe
for excessive cleaning
for anxiety
for saying no to things you really want
for saying yes to shit you have no interest in
for lying
for denying you are fucking amazing
for junk food
for not questioning your beliefs
for not questioning “authority”
for indifference
for not speaking up
for passivity
for weakness
for inertia and ennui
for suicide by inactivity

Everything has it’s place, and there is room for moderation – just don’t waste your life. There is so much to do, see, love.

Drink it up, and don’t sip – guzzle it down and drown in your very existence.

Do you have any other suggestions for the list? Please leave them in the comments!

Recommended Reading:

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Image from unknown, found on Pinterest

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