How to Enjoy Aging

The other day I was reading a Bruce Lee book called The Art of Expressing the Human Body. Since training in martial arts, which I’ve been doing for about 2 years (more seriously in the last year) I’ve realized that:

1. I wish I’d started 10 years ago, when I thought I was too old (lol).
2. That in another 10 years, in my 40s, I will be so fucking badass.

And then I was like, “Wow, I am kind of looking forward to my 40s.”

Who says that?! I figured out the key to enjoying aging! Make sure that you are working towards being awesome at something you love. Think “Wow, I am learning so much now, I am gonna be EPIC in 10 years!” (or 5, or 20, or whatever).

Most people think of aging as a bad thing – you look older, more wrinkled, your health gets worse and you can’t do as much – these are all myths by the way, and can be remedied by proper diet and lifestyle. When you are eating your natural diet and putting your body to work, and TRULY healthy inside (health is not clear by aesthetics only), you will be more inclined to go for the things you dream of doing, and not just giving in to what mass belief dictates.

So, you are going to get older. Do you want to enjoy it, even look forward to it? Then make sure you are gonna be a fucking badass, and you will enjoy every moment on your journey. When you get there, you’re gonna be happy you did the work. Like I said, I wish I’d started martial arts in my 20s (or even younger) – that I thought I was too old at 26 is LUDICROUS.

I want to be the type of 40 year old that I would look up to. I want to be the type of 40 year old that younger girls admire and aspire to be like! I am doing this for me, but still, one of my purposes is to be an inspiration to a younger generation, especially girls, because I relate so much to them still, this ageless soul of mine wants to reach out and say, “You don’t have to fear growing older, and never stop growing UP.” Always be growing.

Age is inevitable, make sure you’re as awesome as possible, and show others how awesome you can be at your age, and share, because so many people do not know. It is such a lie that we have to be sick and fat and live a “normal” life. Normal is boring. NEVER BE BORING. That is the worst insult to being alive there is. If you are bored, get curious. If you’re stuck in a boring situation, fucking RUN, and never look back.

I dunno about YOU, but I am going to stay young, no matter how many times I’ve traveled around the sun! So bring it on 🙂 I’ll be the coolest old broad you’ve ever seen.


Picture above of Yasmina Rossi

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