Being ALIVE (and the 80% Rule)

I realized today that if something doesn’t make me feel ALIVE, then I don’t want to do it. I should NOT be doing it.

You know how long I get to be alive in this universe? As ME? I have no idea. It could be 36 years or it could be 106, or anywhere in between.

Why would I do ANYTHING that is boring, or makes me feel shitty? There is not enough time for that. Not as ME. In the grand scheme of things, yes, I will be morphing into something else after I die, whether it be human, tree, or antelope; my energy will become something new. But I will never be Lorra Fae again, and I want to enjoy every second of it.

I have an 80% rule – in every respect. It really should be 90% but I have a little leeway. If I am not happy at least 80% of the time in any situation, I get out, because seriously, I don’t have time to waste. I need time to write, draw, climb trees, make love, hang out with dogs, swim in the ocean, move, bike, run, surf, dance in the rain, read entire libraries, travel, etc. I want to spend my time in life adding to and admiring the BEAUTY of the world, not taking away from it. And how can I do that unless I am fucking stoked to be alive? How can I do that while wasting my precious life on bullshit?

I mean, everyone has to do SOME things that they don’t love, because that is the way of life. You gotta do shit to live. That’s fine. And so is a little silly laziness and pointless stuff. But that is what I mean by the 80% rule. The vast majority of your time should be spent doing things that make you feel alive. Cuz you certainly have enough time to be dead. Do the things that make you feel dead when you’re DEAD, haha! I don’t know. Why feel dead while you’re alive? You got enough time for that. But do you get my point? Get off your butt and go make something, love someone, immerse yourself in the fantastic. ADD BEAUTY AND LOVE to the world, because the opposite? The world has had enough of that noise.


“You want to cry aloud for your mistakes. But to tell the truth the world doesn’t need any more of that sound.” – Mary Oliver

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