Plan Z

My darlings, it’s time to dream.


Instead of lofty goals, though, we’re going to delve into the life of “loss.”

What is your plan if “everything” goes wrong? What is your Plan Z?

I did this brainstorm years back and it is a major load of fun. To take something scary and turn it into an adventure – often I will imagine scenarios where I might think “Oh SHIT, I am SCREWED!” and make it into something I would actually enjoy. The first time I did this, I almost wanted to have my Plan Z be my actual life.

Why? Because a lot of us are in a mediocre situation. We have everything we need. We’re comfortable. We watch shows about other people doing exciting things or having crazy lives.

To be thrown into a different world, have everything stripped away – that’s adventure. That is where a blank slate is. The new skin. The empty space. The opening door. It’s thrilling. What could you possibly do with your life if you were to begin again? And not from the very beginning, but NOW?

It’s an opportunity. I always have a back-up plan. I don’t really think of Plan A and Plan B. My plan Z is the most exciting thing, so I would probably just go straight to that (I have a lot of escape fantasies, on a regular basis).


So what is my Plan Z now? Let’s see….


I am already unemployed, so If I was suddenly single, I would give my notice at my house and sell or toss all of my stuff except for the very precious (that would be my journals and my Vali Myers books and films, a few items of special clothing, photos, etc, and I would pack them up to store at my parents’ place). Everything else would go (I might keep my blender). If I lost everything in a fire or something? Well…shit. Less to worry about. If my parents were not able to help me? Well…crap. I’d ask friends, I suppose!

What would I do with my computer? I’d probably ditch it. It sucks up too much of my life. The library would have to do. Not sure on that one.

I’d pack up my dog in my car and go back to the mainland. I’d leave my pooch with my parents and whatever money I had would go to pay back my minimal debt. I am still awaiting EI so if I could scrounge by on that for 6 months, I would. I’d stay with family, in my car, or with friends. I’d repay them with awesome healthy meals and cleaning. I’d get bulk food and dumpster dive the rest. If I was seriously destitute I would get by on rice, sweet potatoes, pasta, etc, and dumpster dive or forage for fruit and vegetables.

I’d honestly do my damndest to get by without an actual job. Work under the table. House-sitting and pet-sitting would be my most likely gig. All of that money that did not go towards food, would go into funding another trip to Thailand, where I would get by easily on meager funds. Basically I would do all of this stuff until the winter months and then take off.

If I did have to take a job, I’m sure I could get back into that awesome little bookstore, Chapters, and if not, there are other places I have good standing with. But I wouldn’t want to do anything for long. If I was free to go and do anything, with no ties at all, I wouldn’t be sticking around in one spot. I love BC, but for the cold rainy months I would take that freedom and get out. Part of the reason I wouldn’t want a “good job” is it makes it harder to give up.

If I could, I would trade in my car for a camper van, and my dad would be able to help me find a good one since he knows his shit. This would be a good back-up for rent-free living if I had no house-sit gigs. And I love road trips, I don’t go on enough of them.

I could also do this and go back to Tofino and get a job for a few months, summer living in the van in someone’s driveway.

In the interim, I would read a lot and since I would keep my camera (there are a few things I’d keep, of course), I would get heavily back into taking photos. If I had nowhere to go other than my van, I’d hang out at the library and write and read all day. I’d go dancing at night and exercise in the mountains, even in the rain. In the summer I’d lounge on the nude beach.

I’d go on dates and have hotties buy me yummy raw dinners, or have raw picnics, and make out and say see ya! For I think I would pretty uninterested in anything serious if I didn’t have the awesome sweetheart I have in my life now. 🙂

If I needed anything new, I’d just thrift it, as usual. If I needed something expensive or needed to fix something, I’d just get a brief job/gig, panhandle, busk, or sell something. Drawings. I dunno. Bottles. All of the above.

Then of course once I had enough cash, I’d go to Thailand – whenever I could find the cheapest flight, and I’d go there for half a year, live very cheaply in the north, and just be awesome.

Sounds good to me!

Of course, I am not unhappy with how my life is now. It’s in limbo a little bit in terms of steady work, but otherwise I have everything I need. This is just an exercise on how to make things fun in a situation you might otherwise deem dire. Also, it might be a clue to how to make your life more exciting, even with all your current comforts.

So what’s your Plan Z? I want to know! Please share with me.


3 thoughts on “Plan Z

  1. How on Earth did you guess that was exactly what I needed to do to unstuck my life ??? 😉 Thanks heaps, I am going to plan Z every bit of my life now !

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