Putting Out What You Put In

When you put fruit and veggies in your body, you are gonna have life!

You are gonna brim with vibrancy! You are gonna shine with chlorophyll and sugary sweetness! Your cells will sing! Your eyes will shine! Your skin will glow!  Your body will be wiggling and antsy to move!

When you put potato chips in, you are gonna be a dry shriveled crisp covered in fat.

When you put in cheese you’re gonna be oily skinned with mucus and pus. When you eat corpses you are gonna feel like a corpse – lethargic and tired, as your body strains to digest something that is foreign to it; something full of adrenaline from a frightened animal, and all of the things that happened to it while it was alive, that you probably can’t even fathom.

And your arguments to the contrary may be “Oh, but I do eat those things and I am lean/athletic/awesome” – well what else do you do? Do you restrict your calories? Do you take stimulants? Do you work out psychotically? How is your mental state on a regular basis? How are your cravings? How are your energy levels? And I don’t mean after a month or so, I mean long-term. How’s your health? Do you get sick? Colds? Flu? Do you take medicine for anything? Do you use lots of skin products? Do you use a lot of supplements?

I could go on and on. When you are eating purely, your body will eventually clean itself out (and I must be very clear on EVENTUALLY – you don’t become how you are overnight, and you don’t heal overnight, either) – and you will rarely need anything extra for your health (I never say never, because there are totally exceptions). I am talking about the “normal,” though – lethargy, typical seasonal sickness, acne, excess body fat – these are all related to what you put in your throat. Your stomach turns its contents into your body. Your blood contains what fuels your cells. Your cells are made up of what you eat and drink.

What do you want your skin to be made of? Spinach? Or cheese?
What do you want your body to smell like? Cherries? Or bacon?

Do you want to spend lots of time on the toilet, pushing out corpse poo? Or do you want a lovely experience of wooooosh? Done! On to something else, woohoo!

If you really want to LIVE, instead of just kind of … be here … feed your belly with figs and pomegranates and all the colourful, wonderful deliciousness available – cruelty-free and life-bearing. Food that WANTS you to eat it. Food that loves you back. Food that allows you to live a long, energetic life, where you can learn and love and DO all the things you want, because otherwise, what is the point, truly? To be here and consume? To lie around and wait to die?

No thanks, I’m gonna go party with some mangoes. See ya next time!

3 thoughts on “Putting Out What You Put In

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