Food Should Be Your Path to Pleasure – Not the Source of it.

Give me all the candy.

Do you use food as your pleasure source? Are you “addicted” to certain delicious treats that you know are bad for you and make you eventually feel like crap?

I was totally like this! I was a chocolate bar muncher! Extreme! By the time it really got me feeling terrible I was eating 4 or 5 a day. I don’t know how I wasn’t 500 lbs, seriously (likely because I also got pleasure from healthy food as well.)

Also it was pretty typical of me to buy a box of cookies and then feel so gross I’d leave them for my roommates, or out in the lobby with a note.

I also loved these stupid cupcakes! The first time I had one I couldn’t finish it (too rich), and then it was typical for me to eat three.

Needless to say, these things were damn yummy. But they ALWAYS led to me to wonder why I had eaten them at all. This was typical of eating pizza, as well, or any sort of fatty savory things. GORGE, and then REGRET. Commence feeling STUPID.

This post isn’t even about how these things make you pile on the weight, but about how they affect the chemistry of your brain.

Once I realized that the amount of sugar I was eating (combined with the high amounts of fat in these foods = ultra blood-sugar spike) was what was causing my anxiety, my paranoia, my depression – those were the things that made me throw them in the dumpster. Not to “save my waistline.” The beautiful thing about giving the bad things up for my mental health was not only did I feel better emotionally, but the side effect was losing weight, looking better, and that in turn affected my self esteem. My confidence soared, and I felt able to accomplish the things that I wanted, and that I could get everything I most desired – and I DID.

Dead, chemical-laden, murdered, artificial things humans have deemed “food” are not foods at all. They are things that give very brief pleasure, and since we are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain, it’s hard to stay away from them.

There is an amazing book on this exact subject that I recommend to everyone, called The Pleasure Trap.  If you want to know why you have such a hard time abandoning the things you know are screwing you up, but can’t seem to ditch them, give it a read.

The biggest reason I was able to give up junk food is that I eat a high-carbohydrate diet. I eat dessert all day long in the form of fruit. I NEVER crave candy. I have not missed it even once in the last 5.5 years, and I was a life-long candy fanatic. NERDS, Chews, Reeces, Rockets, Smarties, Sweet Tarts, I loved them all…now, no thanks. I do enjoy the memories, they are enough. Also, I get to eat AS MUCH sugary sweetness as I want, and I feel awesome. I don’t gain weight. Fruit is quick. It’s easy to get (though sometimes not easy to get it ripe).

If anything, by the end of the day, I crave savory things – salads, any sort of non-sweet stuff, tomatoes, avocado, and such. And by the time I go to bed, I am excited to eat fruit in the morning.

Now, because I am fueled by living foods, and foods that boost energy, I feel light, clear-headed, and sharp. I glow. I feel able to do the things I want without getting exhausted easily. I get more ideas. I know I can accomplish what I want if I stick to it.

Actually sticking to a high-carb raw vegan diet, or even a high carb cooked vegan diet, is confidence building as well. To say I’ve been a raw foodist for so long is really fun! A lot of people just try it and give up, whereas I knew within 2 weeks I was on it for life. Even if I’ve had a couple of minor set-backs, I have always gone back to it, and I’ve never veered very far off. Having a back-up plan is the best thing you can do (starch) – so if you do fall off, you won’t go back to the really bad stuff.

Your food is like fuel. Food does not give you energy – sleep does that. It’s like a car battery. Your car can be full of gas but it won’t go anywhere if the battery is dead. You want to give your body clean fuel, and you want it to burn clean – the more easily digested, the more energy you will have to LIVE. Digestion takes up the most energy of any bodily function, so if you are eating flesh, or high fat foods, those take a long time to get through your system, and you won’t feel like doing much, let alone going after your most passionate pursuits.

Also, this type of food is the most satiating – it IS pleasurable on it’s own. Especially if you stop using salt. The subtle pleasure of the food you are eating will become apparent – a lot of people find fruits and vegetables bland because their tastebuds are so damaged by salt.

Natural foods are a natural pleasure – the fake foods that make you feel euphoric only do so while you are eating them – you love them but they don’t love you back. They are phony foods. They are fake foods that give fake emotions.

When you are raw, or eat cleanly, you end up having to face yourself, and this may not be easy, but it is worth it. You see who you really are. You gain compassion. You gain empathy. You feel euphoric and vibrant. You feel loving, to yourself and to others. And because of this, you want to live your highest purpose, and you have the energy and spark to do so.

So go and gorge yourself on your favourite fruit – make it a MEAL. Not this “apple a day” shit – make it a bushel.

“People who are emotionally attached to cooked foods aren’t actually addicted to them since it is physiologically impossible to be addicted to something that is harmful to us. The body simply is not put together that way. It is designed to thrive and cannot become addicted to a harmful substance.

The human psyche, however, can become very much addicted to the shift in perception that occurs after we ingest certain substances. A yearning for that shift in perception is the ever-present illusion that lures us to eat cooked foods.” – The 80/10/10 Diet


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