Lifestyle or Deathstyle?

“Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has. That’s not stupidity or weakness, that’s just human nature.” ― Max Brooks, World War Z.

Sometimes the insanity of the world is so not obvious and it takes an epiphany or a chilling situation to spark change. I am so glad that I want to AVOID problems, instead of covering them up or literally  cutting them out.

I have had many epiphanies to do with life – and health, especially (which are one and the same, in my opinion – cuz how can you truly LIVE or BE ALIVE, without health?)

Synonyms for ALIVE: live – living – lively – vivid – quick – brisk – animated

So many people think that being alive just means to be breathing, but I prefer to focus on the other meanings, to be VIVID, QUICK, BRISK, ANIMATED, LIVELY! Doesn’t that sound like a life you’d want to live?

I have felt the desire to die, and I have felt that life is useless, and all of those times were times of ill health. In a state of true health we are naturally euphoric, and we find more and more reasons that life is amazing. That focus is diamond sharp.

So here is the realization I have had a couple of times on my health journey, especially today when I just felt grody after having too much gourmet raw food:

“I just PAID to feel like crap.”

And this is what the MAJORITY of people do. They PAY to feel ill, they PAY to be sick, and then they PAY someone else to feel better. They PAY to be fat, they PAY to feel lethargic, they PAY for degenerative diseases, and then they PAY for things to repress their symptoms of ill health, to stimulate their fatigue, with their time, their life, their income…it’s insanity.

The scary thing is, because I know a lot about nutrition, is that people would rather be this way. If I suggest something, the person may say they could never do that, or that they “need protein” and don’t understand where I get mine from, yet I’m bouncing around and lifting 20-60 pound boxes of stuff all day, all week. They think that their lifestyle doesn’t correspond with true health, which is insane, because it’s not a lifestyle – it’s a deathstyle.

So really, when you put something into your body, whether it be soda, burgers, oils, cookies, booze, meth – whatever – really ask yourself if you’re spending your LIFE (which you trade for money, in form of work) on feeling SICK. You are purchasing ill health, and likely to keep doing so unless you have a health scare or an epiphany. Why? A couple of reasons.

1. It’s human nature – we want to believe we’re fine. We’re not in any “danger” from predators (well, we are – the predators being corporations and massive industries built to profit on bad health), so we don’t really notice any problem until there is one – and it doesn’t normally just APPEAR – the big problems cultivate for years and years, until you are like SHIT, and blame the hot dog you had last week, or your genes, or your bad luck.

2. When you’re ill, your brain is not going to function as clearly and efficiently as it would otherwise. It is easier to be pulled in by things, to be convinced that someone has a miracle cure, that the big-guns out there REALLY want people to be cured. Being healthy really lifts that MASK, and you start to feel like the world is against you, that you’ve been fed lies your entire life – and you really have. It’s easier to just be part of the pack instead of rebelling against it. It’s easier to choose the medicine that doesn’t cure, listen to the contradictions of doctors on TV, or to the friends who try a new diet every month. The things I’ve seen help the most people are the things that are never promoted on TV or the news. The LUCKY people discover them in other ways.

Despite what we’ve been bombarded with our whole lives (and is slowly being shown to be bullshit), sickness is directly related to what we eat and how we live. When our cells regenerate, what do you think they are made of?

I would rather be made up of living foods, not dead ones. I would rather be running on hydrating foods, not ones with all the moisture removed (despite that yummy pineapple in my photo), and I would rather be fueled on plant sugars because that is the fuel of cells, the easy assimilation, the true LIFE we thrive on.

Real health is based on yummy, whole, fresh plants. If you don’t believe me, just try 🙂

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