Waste Not

Last night, I wasted my night.
And I cried.

Why do we do this? Why do we just stare into nothing? It’s easier to be so passive, to just get sucked into lame, unimportant things. Society is DESIGNED to be that way, to seduce, confuse, and distract us.

It is actually something we actively have to AVOID.

We must resist the media, the endless drama, the stuff that makes NO impact on our lives.

Spend your time ONLY on things you ADORE.

If you are online, read only the things you are wild about. The things that lift you up and PROPEL YOU OUT THE DOOR, or that WHISK YOU INTO A FRENZY TO CREATE, or that INSPIRE YOU TO BE AMAZING.

But actually GET UP and BE amazing. Don’t just click on the next link, the next channel.

Remember, we only get one life. Explore the earth, explore your mind, take care of yourself, so that you have the energy to LIVE.

I’m going to shut off my laptop unless I’m writing or Skyping, honestly. Or reading something important. Purging everything, now.

6 thoughts on “Waste Not

  1. I try for this every day.. just scrape out a little bit of ME time to truly enjoy.. even if it’s classified as “wasting” like reading a magazine.. if I enjoy it, if it fulfills me, then it’s not wasted time at all. What I try to avoid.. and it’s such a struggle.. is to avoid that shutting off the brain type truly wasteful time. No more ANTM!!

    • Haha, there was a time when ANTM was worth a little watch. Now the only “reality” show worth anything is Rupaul’s Drag Race.
      I don’t think a little fluff is bad at all, it’s when people are mindlessly doing things. If I watch something, it’s because I CHOOSE to. If I am SEARCHING for something to watch, then I am wasting time, just like online. It’s easy to get sucked into drama, too. Life tested me today and I won. Two times I was roped into dramatic discussions and I eventually was like HEY this is wasting your time, step back, so I did.

      • yeah i miss ANTM but anything i watch now i choose to because i have a bit of free time for tv and I really enjoy the show. having PVR helps because i can avoid ads. and i’m reading more now and searching for hobbies as well, no matter how goofy like sewing my sockimals!

  2. I wasted my night too, thinking about two people not worthy a single one of my thoughts. It took me the whole night and the whole day today to figure it out… Next time i promised myself I will spend the night and the energy on myself.

    • I really had to check my ego and leave the arguments – I didn’t need to “win” so I bowed out, thinking “I have better things to do with my time than argue with these people, even if it’s about an important issue.”

      • I love the mindset about this. In my case I understood the misery those two were bringing in the world is the reflection on the misery they carry around. Just empty and sad.

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