The Extroverted Introvert

Me in a local newspaper, 2006.

This is usually how I describe myself. I am very much a loner, but once in a while I like to be social – but I sort of do it in a weird way.

It depends on the situation of course, but if I am out amongst strangers, I really like to be noticeable. I want to have the best costume, or be the most overdressed, or the most good-looking, whatever.

But when I do get attention, I want people to leave me alone.

Does that make any sense? Yeah I didn’t think so. I find it rather strange but I think it describes me pretty well.


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been overcome with obsession for making my own comic, running, and getting the most out of summer.

4 thoughts on “The Extroverted Introvert

    I just stumbled onto your sight while looking up the Bukowski poem,”roll the dice”,and you are resally great.
    I have just started reading,

  2. I think if we took personality tests, we would rank about exactly the same on many things. Introversion, general weirdness, high on artistic and intellectual interest, probably aggressiveness, liking dudes with long hair.. haha, 90s nostalgia, openness to experience, and the never ever being bored thing. The thought of being idle is inconceivable, right?

    Rock on, Lorra! Your blog is fantastic.

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