Summer Days

Me in my strawberry hat. Gotta keep it fruity.

I haven’t been blogging much lately, oops! I have been trying to stay off the computer – it’s been an addiction ever since I first went online in 1995 – the first thing I looked up was Marilyn Manson. Do you remember your first internet experience?

For now I am keeping myself entertained by reading MANY many comics + graphic novels, actual novels, and forcing myself to go out.

So far this summer I’ve gone to a little beach party, danced at Celebrities while Richie Hawtin DJ’ed (my boyfriend’s a former raver and he got me to go – who knew I would enjoy?), ate 20 lbs of blueberries in 5 days (simple), done some working out to Tracy Anderson videos (oh my god, new favourite exercises), tended the first garden I’ve ever had (and ate some of it), took a few days off from work (need more, damnit), spoiled my dog (and got her some plastic surgery – j/k, she had an unsightly bump removed – but nothing sinister), raided the library (um, 56 books signed out? ridiculous), stuffed myself at raw food places, and took a journey to Vancouver Island to visit my friend, ate all her garden peas, got love bites from her Akita, and swung her little son around in huge circles until I almost fell over from the dizzies.

What else is on my list for summer?

+ Leap into Lynn Creek from the rocks
+ Inhale 20 lbs more blueberries in the next 5 days
+ Dancing, more, undulating, vibrating, writhing
+ More exercise with Miss Tracy
+ Dog walks + dog partying + dog swims in Tsawwassen
+ Drawing
+ More reading (duh)
+ Nude beach
+ Dye hair
+ Fruit gorging (oh nectarines, where are yoooou?)
+ Scrawling in notebooks
+ Hula-hooping (did a spastic, spontaneous, intense session the other day to this.
+ Lolling about
+ Make out like a fiend
+ Naked naps
+ Letter writing (old-school style)
+ Zombie walk
+ Pride parade
+ FINISH my zine.

Oh so much more. I do not want to miss out on summer, ever. It is so fleeting here. Even today it was a downpour. When there is rain in summer I expect thunder and lightning to make it worthwhile.

I often have to force myself to do things as lately I get overcome with anxiety – even simple things that i WANT to do seem scary – but I do them anyway. The anxiety makes it more exhilarating, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Summer Days

    • Thanks 🙂 I am trying to really make the most of it, as every year I seem to regret not doing “enough” with my summer, since it’s so short here.
      And welcome! Hope you stick around 🙂

  1. Aww, that’s a good idea to write down my ‘goals’ for this summer! I’ve already read hundreds( or at least,haha) of books, ate tons of fruit, went out with many people. Naked naps sound crazy, I’d do that as soon as sun will appear here( it’s been raining for last two weeks :/)
    And with what hair-dye do you dye your hair? I wanted to dye my hair brown but didn’t know which brand to choose.

    • I just picked up one at Whole Foods that wasn’t tested on animals – I still have not decided whether to dye it black again or to streak it and dye the streak pink! I am torn. I really REALLY miss crazy-coloured hair but my hair is pretty thin from years of abuse – which is why I would just do a streak and I would avoid the very root/scalp. I might just dye it black and get a coloured clip-in.
      Naked naps can be done indoors hehehe. Best done with a sexy partner. Naked naps in the sun would be epic!

      • Thanks for your answer, Lorra! If you feel like having pink streak, go for it!
        Ohh, yeah naked nap with a partner seems more interesting than just laying in the sun,haha!

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