Raw Food Will Not Make Your Life Perfect

Raw food should come with a warning: This is fleeting.

(and this post comes with another disclaimer: it is still worth doing).

At first you will feel so good that it is utter insanity. The trees will hug you, the birds will serenade you, you will wake up with panache, an appetite for life like you’ve never known – better than childhood – in fact, you feel like you did as a child, and who doesn’t want to feel that? Your body is celebrating, you have so much to compare it to – your previous misery has lifted and WOW, life is AMAZING now!

After a while it just becomes normal to be happy, merging with your former self, just feeling better physically, calmer, better looking. But your expectations of always feeling 100% astounding will be dashed, and like the junkie, you will be searching always for that next ecstatic high-on-life, and many people will try to sell it to you, especially if it makes them a lot of money. The next superfood, the next  amazing concoction.

I’m not saying that you will never feel that ecstasy again – you will. But it ebbs and flows. I get it all the time – but the parallel is when I get low, it is also extreme. Not as long lasting, like my previous days, but life feels overwhelming – not the act of living day to day, but just BEING ALIVE. Everything seems so poignant, so crushing, so impossibly beautiful, so damning, so frightening, so easy, so hard. Everything is magnified by thousands, and I just want to numb myself – so easy to do with food, and so many people do – though now I stuff myself with berries instead of Skittles. The overwhelm affects my ability to fall asleep, though I am a corpse when I do succumb – completely gone into the land of my brain, where dreams have become an even crazier landscape.

So am I missing something? Am I just not “doing it right” according to some self-appointed experts? I don’t know – I am doing everything I know to do, and no matter what, I still get depressed, I still get submerged into oblivion, and then I feel lame for being dramatic. And then I don’t care. I share, and will always share – it has always been the way I exist – the introvert that dresses herself in sequins and green braids, the loner who goes clubbing, the sensitive target with the leonine roar.

The last thing I want is to focus all of my energy on what I eat – I’ve done that for years now, and yes it is important to eat well (and I still believe raw is best, and what is keeping me sane), but I am at a point of just letting go, to some extent – the perfectionism, the strictness, the one-dimensional streams of neurons that could be creating meaning in my life, a purpose – they are all centered on food. I don’t want my brain to be thinking about these things anymore. I think I need a “food-thought” fast. I never used to think about food – but since it had such a profound impact on my mental health and general well-being (and my looks, too!) it has become an all-encompassing obsession. How can I make it even BETTER? I continually ask myself.

Eating raw is second nature to me now – I don’t have to “think” about it – but to worry about calories, and percentages, and all that – no thanks. I know to eat mostly fruits and greens, I know not to eat too much fat, and I know to keep well hydrated and get exercise. I know to get sunlight and B12. I know to be vegan. What else do I need to know? I think a while of being concerned with what to nourish yourself with is HEALTHY – but after four years, I am more concerned with other aspects of life that I have been NEGLECTING. No wonder I feel insane.

6 thoughts on “Raw Food Will Not Make Your Life Perfect

  1. I highly recommend reading a book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. All the info and principles you learn can be 100% applied to what you are going through. Check out some reviews or videos of the book/author at least. In my opinion every person on the planet should read it twice. I hope it helps 🙂

    • Thanks. I read that book years ago. I find Byron Katie’s method works best for me, but it’s hard to get myself into the headspace to do it when I feel most glum!

  2. one way to fix it, and i’m not saying to do this regularly, but is to indulge. it doesn’t have to be unhealthy like skittles, but maybe make some chocolate pudding out of avocados and cocoa powder. not exactly what you eat as a rule, but once every couple months might give you that high again once you continue eating raw. just a thought. remember, i do not eat raw food as you do, so it isn’t exactly my expertise!

  3. I think that maybe you have some negative beliefs about the world around you and maybe you wish you weren’t alive at all, things like this world sucks, their are so many stupid or nasty people in the world. some points of view we hold benefit us and some are detrimental to our lives. our inner critical thoughts are draining our energy. they are things we decided were true when we were too young to think other wise however saying that we can clean then out of our energy field using energy EFT. any time we put ourselves or others down even companies or idea we are contributing to yukky feelings because they carry yukky vibrations. Complaining about any thing stems from limiting beliefs and that is all. We are the ones who made these limiting beliefs and we can choose to change them just the same. I have been changing my limiting beliefs as i notice them and have been doing this for around 7 years now and i feel really good about myself and the world we live in. feeding our minds is just as important as feeding our bodies and both these things feed our soul. what we do also feeds our soul so do what excites you challenge yourself life is complex and no one angle can solve all angles. The word depression is a label for an energetic feeling and it can be transient if we let it, if we can let it move through us without over identifying with it. Instead of saying I am depressed just say I experience low feelings from time to time but they pass.

    • You think I don’t wish I was alive at all? Do you even get the premise of this blog? Heh. I LOVE life, and I wish I could live FOREVER. I even have a post about it! Just because I think some people are heinous and that the world is messed up, doesn’t mean I am a negative person. It means I’m a realistic person. If people just go around all “la la la” all the time, what would change? We have emotions for a reason, even bad ones – if we think someone is an asshole, yeah, we should question why – is it because we just are closed off, mirroring, etc? Or are they actually a bad person? Is it a signal to stay away? Should we tap away our bad feelings to hang around them when we feel unsafe?

      I’m not sure why you are saying these things on this particular post – the whole point of it is to not think changing one aspect of your life will make everything better – you have to change many aspects, but a clean diet will help have a clean mind.

      • Hello Lorra,

        Sorry about what I said, and thanks for letting me know I was way over the top. I didn’t even re read what I had written before I posting it. I looked at the date and wondered if anyone would ever read it. I was airing my thoughts without even thinking how they would sound to you. I have never written on a blog before and this has taught me a valuable lesson.

        EFT isn’t about tapping away bad feelings it’s about de stressing ourselves so we can think clearer and make better choices, it helps us to unload our emotional stuff so we feel better and therefore be more connected to our intuition as opposed to our conditioning.

        Sincere apologies Debi

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