5 Most Important Things to Do BEFORE You Go Raw

1. Learn what detox is.

Seriously, I think this is the MOST important thing to do before switching to raw foods. Why? Because otherwise you will think raw food makes you sick, and that you can’t “handle” raw foods. That it might work for other people, but not YOU.

It’s garbage. You have the same internal organs as every other human (unless they were born with a genetic defect or had something removed beforehand).

You cannot expect to go raw overnight, or even within a week or a month without having some crazy “symptoms” – which is just your body cleaning out all the old crap you’ve put into it your whole life. This is a process!

I was eating some cooked food over the winter – not even anything “bad” – just potatoes, and steamed veggies! I went back to all raw at the beginning of June and had no problems, until a few days ago – then I got the same symptoms I always get if I eat cooked and go back to raw – sore throat (acidic, mucusy crap getting ready to heave!), a small cough, then mucus to cough up, a sniffly nose with more mucus to come out, and lethargy – I get light headed and very sleepy. Oh and I get zits. Yay.

All this from a few months of having a little cooked food.

Now imagine what will happen when you go from eating meat, or processed foods, or whatever else you have been eating your whole life? You will probably have a NASTY time and think that raw food is making you sick – actually, it is making you BETTER. It is not actually the food making you better or worse, though – it is the removal of everything that has been making you sick. When I first went raw I was HAPPY to get “sick” because I knew my body was cleaning out. I had read a lot about what would happen so I was like “Gurl, okay!”

I went about it over a course of two months and cut out things one at a time. I hadn’t had red meat or poultry for 12 years, fish for a year, and in those two months up to going raw I had zero animal products. So my detox was not so bad, but if I had not known what to expect, I may have blamed the food and gone back to what I had always done and just medicated myself forever. Booooooo.

If you have had a history of eating a diet with a lot of animal products, I can imagine you will get pretty “sick” so go slowly. You may even want to get colonics or do enemas at home. If you have a degenerative disease, you may want to look into supervised water fasting.

There is a lot of info out there about detoxing via raw foods, so look into it. Ignore the “detox” crap out there that is just looking to make money off you (the stuff you see in stores) – why detox to retox? You have to completely change your lifestyle otherwise you are wasting your time. Once you get through the crappy feelings, you will emerge a DYNAMO. Seriously. Expect miracles.

2. Be prepared.

Make sure you always have a bounty of food around you – fill your fridge with fresh produce. Fill your counter with fruit. Fill your garden with seeds! Fill your cupboards with bowls (you should not have much in your cupboards because you want fresh food – if anything is in your cupboards it should be nuts, seeds, seaweeds, dried herbs if you want. Nix oils, vinegar, salt.

Also be prepared to spend more money on food. You will save money in the long run on doctors, medicine, make-up, etc – you won’t need it. Invest in yourself.

Also expect to eat MORE. Raw foods have less calories than you may be used to, so the volume of food you will be eating may seem excessive. Eventually it will seem normal. Eat as much raw food as you want – the more fruit + greens the better – take it easy on the nuts and seeds (though at first, don’t worry too much – eventually you will not want so much of those things. I was eating 4-5 avocados a day when I started, now 1/2 is enough for me).

3. Toss out everything you won’t eat anymore, or donate it.

This is self-explanatory – but if it’s around you, you are more likely to have a weak moment and indulge, especially if you are not eating enough carbohydrates (FRUIT).

4. Have constant inspiration.

Read as much as you can, and watch videos. I do this daily and have for almost 5 years now. I never get bored of it, so find some good raw inspo. Here are my favourite blogs + youtube channels:

Fully Raw Kristina. My favourite! She is beautiful, eloquent, passionate, and exuberant!
Tannyraw! Excellent advice and a wonderful, peppy attitude.
Tim van Orden. He is the most INSPIRING guy! LOVE him.
Megan Elizabeth. A sweet slice of raw pie, this one! Great recipes and humour.
Blogs + Websites:

The Garden Diet. A long-term, raw food family.
Natalia Rose. She has some AMAZING old articles, check them out.

Books: All listed here.

5. Have an ethical stance.

Getting cravings is normal – you will have memories ofย  certain things tasting amazing, or things that calmed you down, comforted you, whatever. Some of these things may be foods that come from animals or are animal flesh.

Without an ethical stance behind your decisions you may be tempted to eat these foods again. Make sure you know what goes on behind the scenes and burn those images into your brain.


15 thoughts on “5 Most Important Things to Do BEFORE You Go Raw

  1. Oh boy. How lovely to find you this morn’. I was ” stumbling.” you straightened me up. Thank you.
    COLINE, in Canada

  2. i just got a vitamix and am debating how to get into raw veganism with it, i’m very worried about a bad detox, as i have been sick for a long time… and i’ve only been a vegan for about 5 months… can i do this with just fruits and veggies in my vitamix? will it hurt? lol

    • Ask yourself this question: are you willing to be sick for a short period of time in order to be healthy for life? Or would you rather just be mediocre-feeling and get colds, flu etc (which are detox, anyway) once or more per year?
      I haven’t had a cold (except some congestion on the rare occasions I’ve succumbed to cooked food and then gone back to raw – detox) or flu or any other health issues since going raw. At all.

      If you’ve been sick for a long time, then your detox is IMPERATIVE – why would you want to STAY sick?

      If I were you, I’d go slowly and not overnight – cut things out one by one – then before you know it, you’ll be all raw.

      Also, you don’t need to be 100% – but if you’re going to have cooked food make sure you eat the best quality, and stick to steaming 0 have steamed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, yams. Have quinoa. But make the majority of your diet fresh raw fruits + veg.

      What are you sick with?

      • thanks for your reply!! but since i’ve been vegan, i have been taking olive leaf extract to detox from candida, and OH THE PAIN in my joints, i honestly couldn’t stand it, and i had to back off the olive leaf… since going vegan, i’ve eaten no processed foods, basically a strict mcdougall program, and the detox from it all has given me a constant cold flu, it’s basically just a really runny mucousy nose type situation now, but also my asthma has gotten worse.

        what am i sick with? that’s hard to say, i was born sick, and just got sicker until i got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which stole my career and life and left me bed ridden, i think it came from the baaaaad candida i had.. also i broke my back when i was 15, and have Chronic Pain Syndrome… all of this hasn’t affected my mental health that well either, loads of PTSD/anxiety/depression, stuff like that… so as you can see, a detox could be very scary and painful for me, and i’m wondering how to go about this… i’m thinking i’ll go 90% raw and let my husband make good soups to go with it.. and the bit of cooked food might slow down the detox… i’m also trying to find a good source of probiotics, but failed tonight at my organic food store… is there a good place to order some online? thanks so much for your help and YES i want to detox, lol, but i don’t want to DIE TRYING haha

      • No prob! Here to help ๐Ÿ™‚

        Ever considered doing a supervised water fast?

        How much fat do you eat? I have had candida issues before and as soon as I drop the fat in my diet to under 10%, it goes away, in less than a week. This is the real key to getting rid of candida.
        I suggest you read 80/1010 Diet by Douglas Graham! I have read a lot of raw food books and that is the best one. I don’t follow it 100% but I am pretty close. I am not gonna fret if I have some steamed veg (it’s not often), and I do like seaweed, and will have a dash of salt if I feel like it, but otherwise I am gung-ho with it. I have faltered a few times but those few times were enough to show me what a difference I feel.

        If you’ve been sick a long time it might take a long time to detox – I would raise the raw foods in your diet as high as possible, and then try being 100% for a while – and give it a chance! It took 10 days for me to really feel a difference.

        Did you read my post about my raw food journey?


    • I started this journey 2 weeks ago and the first week I actually felt pretty good now I’m paying up the knows the mouth and everything else salt flush is help so does coffee enemas body brushing need to get a series of colonics I can’t stop coughing but it’s productivebe careful with the Barlean’s olive leaf complex and anything that kills all microbes you need to keep your good microbes in tact use it as a antibiotic not everyday

  3. i used to do juice and water fasts, but when i got CFS they stopped working for me, so i don’t do stuff like that anymore, i WISH they still worked for me, coz they used to make me feel great! not anymore, sadly

    i eat very very little fat, tho i used to eat alot when i was on a standard/crap diet… but the mcdougall program is extremely low in fat, and right now the only fat is in my coconut milk and such for smoothies… and if i don’t take at least one olive leaf extract pill a day, bam! i have a yeast infection…

    i’m going to buy the 80/10/10 book as soon as i have the money, but i’ve heard it’s real strict and dogmatic and i just want to feel good with fruits and veggies lol no dogma haha i don’t want this to feel like ‘a diet’… i want it to feel like i’m doing great things that i love doing to get healthy… you know? and i don’t want to feel bad about adding sea salt to my veggie drinks…

    ok, i think i will try going fully raw soon, but my husband wants to make some soup this weekend, so i have to let him do that first haha…

    going to read your raw food journey now ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you sister!!!

    • No prob – and remember, just cuz you read something doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it – like I said, I don’t do it 100% – I mostly do, but hey, I do it because it makes sense and because I want to feel my best, not cuz I am trying to reach an ideal of anything. And I just happen to feel the best when I stick to it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ok, ugh, i made a coffee smoothie with some decaf for my husband, all good ingredients except the coffee, and MAN OH MAN am i in PAIN from it… i should have just made it for him… but anyway, been lying down, moaning about it lol, then came back and read your journey… all i can say is that you have inspired me to do this and do it right, i’m in a bad way, and nothing else will work… nothing else ever has worked… so the book you suggest i buy is 811? i’m still unsure about that, ugh, i gotsk a bad feeling about that book… any other suggestions? or shall i just vitamix all the fruit and veggies i can fit in my tummy?

      • well you don’t have to blend everything, that’s for sure. it’s helpful to make soups and smoothies but make sure you are still CHEWING something, lol. I use my Vitamix a lot but generally I chew my food.

        YES, I recommend you read 80/10/10 – it took me 4 years to read it and it makes the most sense of ANYTHING I’ve ever read.
        You could also read “The Raw Secrets” by Frederic Patenaude, that is a good one, too! 811 is more comprehensive, though.
        Why do you have a bad feeling about it? I wouldn’t recommend it so highly if it wasn’t amazing. Maybe you need to open your mind! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Also, a coffee smoothie? Wow, that’s something i’ve never heard of before. Sounds like a recipe for jitters.

  4. Hey Lorra ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you so much for this article!
    I’ve just got all the symptoms…and I know about detoxing and what happens with your body but I read so many “success stories” where the people said “Infeld so much energy in the first weeks already”.
    So thank you for describing all this.

    xo Alina

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