Revelation : You Don’t Have to Think

When you find yourself, like I did, the other day, with thoughts that will just not leave you alone, with thoughts that scream at you, pester you, and cling to you like all eight octopus legs, smothering and suffocating you – you may be hit with an epiphany. The thought “UGH, I am so tired of thinking about this” led me to answering myself:

“You don’t HAVE to think about it, you know.”

I sort of thought to myself, “What? Huh…that’s true.” And with that, my mind cleared and my body relaxed. I sunk deeper into my pillow, further into my bones. I pushed those worries aside and chose to think other things. I didn’t HAVE to worry. I didn’t HAVE to obsess. I didn’t HAVE to linger.

And I could sleep.


A really amazing practice to “stop thinking” was introduced to me via The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (I must admit I never finished the book) – you know when you are thinking endlessly, and it feels like you cannot control your thoughts – but you just want to turn them off?

Well, think “I wonder what my next thought will be?” and then wait for it. You are now in the “listening” part of your mind – when you assimilating with that area of your consciousness, and you start to be the LISTENER…your thoughts VANISH. It’s weird. When I did it, initially, it didn’t last for a huge length of time. But it was enough to  give me some reprieve. I was heartbroken and wanted so badly to not think of that asshole, to just have some peace, even for a minute.

It works, and it works well.

Anytime you are sick of thinking, turn off your brain this way. Choose your thoughts.

Realize you don’t HAVE to think at all. You can just dream.

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