The Joy of Solitude

The thrill of being alone – do you know what it’s like?

The people who don’t like being alone don’t like themselves, or they would relish their time by themselves.

When else can you do your best work? When else can you just BE? When else can you just feel a divine spark whirling away in your brain? When else can you just LISTEN and see what you really want out of your life?

I have a two year old niece who will play by herself and sing about how much she loves to be alone. She is fiercely independent. Her sister is the opposite – they’ve been raised the same way.

I am an only child (I acquired two step-brothers as an adult, hence the nieces) and because of this, I learned early to immerse myself in my imagination.

Initially I hated being left alone, and I always had issues making friends because I was weird and sensitive. My vivid imagination was supported, my father told me Greek myths for bedtime stories, he would draw out flags for me to colour, and my artistic nature was very much supported, as was writing when that piqued my interest. I was able to chase after all my creative lusts – music, drawing, word-weaving.

I was also told to be realistic as I got older, something I wish I had never listened to. Most of the time I didn’t listen to anyone except myself – I had enough alone time to really hear my desires, and to really know what was true for me. I had no pressures from imbeciles – any of those people sort of removed themselves from my life, anyway, or showed me their true nature right off the bat – kids are good at doing that. They have no screens like adults do.

People who like being alone tend to love themselves – otherwise they are bored, always searching for someone else to do things with, anxious over doing anything alone, or convinced that their lives would be better if they could share everything. I agree that doing things with other people tends to make things more fun, depending on what it is – but when you feel confident enough to do even basic things on your own, you know you adore yourself, and guess what? No one is judging you – they are thinking you are awesome because you are independent and wicked enough to just do shit – they’re jealous.

4 thoughts on “The Joy of Solitude

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  2. Fantastic piece of writing. I agree with you 100%. Time spent with myself…. which was the case right through my childhood and beyond͵ was so pleasurable. My inner world. I have everything there.

  3. I love to be alone and draw energy from my alone time! It helps me to face the world when I have too. My mother always said learn to entertain yourself, and I do!

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