The Answers are Simple

Photo of me and Isis by Leigh Righton

When I get scared, I know I must do the thing that scares me. I have to push through and do it anyway.

When I feel I can’t do something, or someone says I can’t, I know that I can, and will.

When I feel anxious, I know that I gotta just go for it anyway. Most anxiety is just imagined stuff that will never happen – 99.9% of the time. And usually anxiety is about dumb shit, too! When I realized fight or flight kicks in when bad situations happen, I realized that worrying is pointless – you automatically know what to do when the moment strikes.

When I feel lazy, I just have to get up and put 30 seconds of effort in. Then I usually want to continue.

When I set a SPECIFIC goal and date, I always stick with it. When I say “Yeah I should do this…tomorrow” it  never works. A specific plan always works and makes me feel positive, because I have a map to follow instead of some lame directions given by a tourist who doesn’t even really know the way.

When I have a couple of things to do daily, I do them. When I have a huge list, I do none of them. Better to have small steps than no steps.

When it’s mid-winter and I feel like I want to kill myself, I know I need vitamin D.

When I feel sleepy, I sleep. When I feel thirsty, I drink. When I feel cranky, I know I need sleep or carbs or water. When I feel snappy I try and spare everyone this yuckiness and go do something for myself – me first, then everyone else will be able to bask in my glow instead of my black cloud.

When I start to mourn my youth, I know it’s time to dress up, go out, and dance.

There’s always an answer.

Here I come.

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