Search for Beauty

I think about this a lot:

the way the world is run, all the horrible, negative aspects of how people are controlled, how the world is owned by certain families and corporations – it’s sickening, disheartening, and often makes me feel like giving up – there are many conspiracy theories that I believe, though I do not obsess over them – they make me sneer and hang my head, but then I look back up and realize I am really in charge of my own life, that even though these things go on, I am STILL in charge of how my life turns out, my own attitude, and since I am AWARE of these evil-doings, I can avoid them as much as possible, and fly under the radar.

Everyone will be somewhat affected, but we can all control what happens to us to some extent (and by some, I mean MOST) – laziness is bred into us. We want the easy way. It makes me laugh when people think they have no time to make their own meals for work, or that they have no time to walk their own dogs or care for their own children – it’s sickening. What are they spending their money on (from the jobs that they spend all their time at?) – mostly things that are unnecessary, or they are perpetuating this ideal that is constantly bombarding us (more control from “them”) –  for real, we need to control ourselves.

The reason I think about this (but not too much, or I really will feel like giving up) is because knowing about the goings-on (the things that are HIDDEN from everyone, I do not pay attention to mainstream news) makes me feel empowered.

I also know that if I want beauty in my life, real health, real happiness, I have to do a limbo under that bar – probably pretty far down. Good thing I have awesome balance, because to get under that thing takes a bit of work – the laziness we’re all conditioned to have is keeping us from learning what is really going on, not to mention it is suggested that we all do not do “enough” ! – and this exhausts people! It makes them miss out on the real joys in life!

I must say, I have NO hope for society as it is now, nor for most people. Yeah, that is negative, but guess what? The people who are really awake, they will be the ones who make it through, if there is ever something that wipes out humanity. I have hope for the conscious people. And the planet itself – I don’t worry about her – she will right herself, if given a break from us humans.

Despite my attitude towards the majority, I still think we should all be a part of the solution – we all still need to change our habits – treat the planet with love, animals with love, and each other with compassion. We must create love and beauty if we want more of it – like attracts like – we can all be shining examples.

I feel like most of the population is apathetic – understandably – it’s easy to get down on everything, whether you are exposed to the mainstream media or the alternative,  hidden information!

Kids are so lucky because of this – once you hit the age when you are aware of evil in the world, that is when the interest in “play” wanes, the belief in the self, the strength to feel like you can do ANYthing. And you really can – maturity is a farce – it’s great to be responsible, but it’s a lie you have to “grow up” – people are stuffed into boxes where they are gassed with the horrors of life, and they get so blinded that they forget how to LIVE – the beautiful things in life are still out there! You are still able to do them!

Fuck the bad shit – don’t contribute to it, speak up about it, but then go on and celebrate the gorgeous flutterings that squeeze your heart.

2 thoughts on “Search for Beauty

  1. I could have written this. I grew up with my dad explaining conspiracy theories to me, and warning me not to tell anyone else. I used to hate that he put such a burden on me, but now I’m glad he did – he did it so I could have a chance.

    • Sometimes i think people go over the top, and that it’s easy to spend a lot of your time obsessing over what the BAD GUYS are doing to “US” but we can still have wonderful lives despite the heinous shit going on – we just have to know what is happening (to some extent) and do what we can to avoid + not support it.

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