Like Omigod, I Could Just DIE

I don’t want to have time to waste.

I don’t wanna be at the end of my life going “DAMN, I wish I’d done that, cuz I sure had time.”

You know what would be even worse than getting to be old and accomplishing nothing? Dying in the next few days, or in a week, or a month. Then you’d really lament your situation, if you had time to think about it.

It’s tragic when people die young, especially when they are exceptionally talented – it’s even worse when they die because of suicide, or drugs, or whatever. It’s such a waste.

I think about death often. Not because I’m morbid, but because I really want to live, man! I want to be an old pink-haired banshee on a motorcycle thinking: “Shit I had a good fucken life. I lived the hell out of every second!”

“I’ve had 72 absolutely flaming years. It (the illness) doesn’t bother me at all, because, you know love, when you’ve lived like I have, you’ve done it all. I put all my effort into living; any dope can drop dead.” – Vali Myers.

People don’t like to think much about dying because it’s scary. But WHY is it scary? It scares people because they don’t want to give up their pleasures, or they still have things they want to do. Do them NOW, so you don’t ever have to be in that situation! Even if you die young, you will have at least spent your time putting a good, creative energy out there. You will have been fulfilling your spirit instead of just distracting your brain , which the majority of people tend to do with TV, gossip mags, etc.

This ties in with people being “bored” – you don’t get to be bored, man. There is 10 gajillion (a real number, okay?) things out there to be interested in. If you can’t find something fascinating out there, you need to get out more. You need to isolate yourself until you are able to amuse yourself.

Guess what! You’re gonna die, and you never know when. Yer gonna be pissed at yourself if you have been playing video games all day and then you are pulverized by a mack truck tomorrow. You could have written the most glorious poem of your life, you could have sent love letters to your family, you could have rescued an injured bird, you could have drawn something inspirational, you could have danced your heart out all night with friends, you could have scaled a small mountain, you could have had your first surf lesson, you could have ravaged your lover until they collapsed from exhaustion, you could have learned something that helped you feel more at peace with yourself and others, you could have skateboarded until your knees were on fire.

I could go on and on. Don’t waste your precious moments. Whatever you love most, spend your time doing that – any spare moment, dedicate it to your passions.

7 thoughts on “Like Omigod, I Could Just DIE

  1. Great message! My favorite topic is death and hereafter. Most messages from the Other Side talk about regrets- either regretting an action or regretting not taking a particular action. Your post is actually a timeless reminder to the masses. 🙂

  2. Thank you! While there is nothing wrong with doing all we enjoy, make sure that it is something we want to look back on! Mt mantra is that I’m never bored. Its true.

  3. Wow I want to be the crazy geand ma with smoking sunglasses and purple funky hairstyle bunjeejumping, dancing naked in the rain and doing all the wonderful things you can do when you are free and happy !

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