Go Away

Me in 2003.

I have set a new rule for myself: If it’s nice out, GO OUTSIDE.

I am not allowed to be on the computer (unless I am writing). No internet perusing. Out I go.

I don’t want to be dying in my old age (since I know disease ain’t gonna get me), or in some dire situation and wishing, “Shit, I wish I’d done blah-blah-blah instead of reading blogs or watching youtube!”

Granted, I learn a lot from both of those things. However, it’s easy to get distracted, too. And I do, way too often.

Now that spring is really shining, I go out. I read outside if I want to read. I structure my time and figure out how I can really enjoy the few warm months that this part of the world has to offer.

The internet and all the other dumb crap will still be there when it’s dark, when it’s pissing rain – you aren’t missing anything. Trust me. Go do stuff. Outside. Your body wants sunlight, it was natural light, and it wants fresh air.

Your brain wants stimulation from nature, not television. Television and most of the internet (unfortunately) wants you to be a zombie. That makes you easier to control. “Buy our stuff! Emulate these humanoids! Eat this garbage! Carbs are bad for you! Buy our drugs!”

All this junk is pumped into everyone hundreds of times a day. Escape it, give your body a break, give your mind a vacation. Turn this bloody computer off RIGHT NOW. You don’t even need to read this blog – I’d rather you didn’t – I want you to go outside.

This is a sign! Go away.

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