February and March: Progress Report

Okaaay, so, I did pretty well these months. As usual I got distracted from my prescribed reading – typical! Maybe I should make it one book a month instead of two. There is too much out there that I am interested in! Books are shiny and I am a crow.

In February my focus, as before, was diet and writing. I faltered a bit at the beginning of February – this does not surprise me as it is when I tend to go downhill in terms of mood. I remedied this by going to the tanning place for a couple of weeks and getting some vitamin D – it really helped and I felt happy again, and more likely to stick to my guns. Luckily this year has been a lot better in terms of stress and weather, so I did not get into a huge abyss like last winter.

My other two focuses for February were blogging and exercising. I KNOW that last year my attempt to write in a public blog on a regular basis was completely annihilated by my seasonal depression. I wasn’t going to let that happen this time  –  it was something I really wanted to do, so even when I felt
low, I made an effort. Exercise, as you can see, did not really start until later in the month, but once I got some momentum, I started to enjoy myself again. I don’t really like to call it exercise – I like to call it “play.”

In March all of my goals were the same except for “saving” which I did, every day without fail. Not difficult. My methods are quite simple – put a dollar away every day, and add maybe another coin as well. I also really watched my consumption of certain things, and only bought food that would actually fill me up, instead of things that are just yummy (like nori, for instance – expensive, not filling – I could get 20 bananas for the same price as a package of raw nori). I also started to get into freeganism which has been a HUGE money-saver. Along with these things I have been stashing $50 a month aside, and now with my tax return I can put another big chunk away, and pay off my credit card. Yay!

So in April I am going to read another long-awaited book (at least one), and other than diet and writing, again, my focus will be on exercise and blogging. Blogging and writing have been the same thing for me the last couple of months so when I say writing, I generally mean something other than blogging – either fiction or my non-fiction books I am going to write!

Just a short update from me – how are your goals for the year coming along? Did you make any for the new year? I find this chart a really helpful way to keep track, you can get a print-out of the same one I use here.Next year I might make a simpler one with just two specifics – I am finding that the simpler my life is, the simpler my aspirations, the better and happier I am (because it’s so much easier to succeed!)

4 thoughts on “February and March: Progress Report

  1. I love your chart and like I have been far from meeting my goals the last two months I am getting extra motivation and some precious tools from your blog today, thank you !

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