This is me in 2000, my first time surfing. Zero athletic skills, and 10 years of desire to do it – I wish I’d started 10 years prior! Still didn’t stop me.

I see people who want things, that have goals, and they never start. There is an excuse – “I don’t have this thing, I don’t have this skill” etc.

You need nothing to start. Or rarely. Obviously if you want to be a snowboarder, you’re going to need some gear – but you can rent it, borrow it, or beg for it.  When I was a teenager, I panhandled to make money to buy a snowboard (I only did this twice). You don’t need anything fancy, you need the most basic thing ever to begin.

But what about other things, more simplistic goals like, “I want to get in shape” ?

Can’t afford a gym membership, don’t have workout clothes or shoes, or whatever it is – nonsense. Go to a thrift store or go for a jog in your jeans and bare feet. Get a book from the library about using your own body as a gym. Go see a friend and wrestle. It makes no difference. Don’t have time? I do toe lifts as I work, I lift myself up on the counters and hold myself up for as long as I can if I am stuck at the counter. At home I do push-ups, I ride my bike to the store, I dance to music with my hulahoop. If I feel a burst of energy, I take advantage of it.

There is no strict way to do something. But there are millions of ways to tell yourself you CAN’T. Either way, you are right. If you say you can’t, you won’t even start. What a way to defeat yourself. LAME.

For me, my fear was “There are already too many people blogging, especially inspirational/self-help style things, so why would anyone listen to YOU?” Plus I have no skills at making fancy blog pages. I did have a website for eons, but that was years ago, and the space was given to me by someone, plus it was very basic html, not code – to do all the technical blog stuff is off-putting, but I finally said screw it and just started to write, anyway. If people like it, I’m stoked, and that makes me want to write more. But more importantly, I want to like it, I want to enjoy it, and I feel accomplished. I can learn tech stuff as I go, or pay someone else to do it eventually.

Isn’t the reason “I want to” more important than the many reasons NOT to persue something?

If you truly want to do something, you will. Forget the set-backs – those happen with anything. People don’t get good at things immediately. Everyone fails. Failure is good – then you know what doesn’t work.

I mess up all the time, even with things like my diet. I don’t let that stop me from persuing what I want –  ULTIMATE HEALTH! (imagine that being said with an echo through a loudspeaker) – if I have a screw-up, I just start over the next day. Those times are rare, but I accept that they may occur. This is paramount – accept that you might have bad days, or big hurdles, or even tiny mishaps – so what? You are still moving FORWARD. Just because you walk down the street to your destination, and need to turn around to pick up something you dropped, doesn’t mean you don;t turn back around and keep walking.

If you wanna do something, write down all the ways you CAN! Ignore the naysay in your noggin – that is just a lifetime of brainwashing by others. Everyone else is just like you – people who have accomplished amazing things, or even minor things – they start somewhere. The fantastic were always at some time the mediocre, or even the crappy.

Embrace crappy. Be the crappiest you can be so you can move up from there.


This post by Keri Smith came up today which is amazingly similar to what I just wrote, so I am sharing it with y’all – great advice.

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