Dystopia vs. Utopia

I love positivity. I love inspirational speaking, books, etc. I also love dystopian worlds, zombie films, stories of abandonment and isolation – why?

Because I love survival stories.

It is absolutely amazing to me the sort of situations people can adapt to and survive in, escape from, and in turn become strong, independent, and inspirational human beings.

I also love stories of people who undertake seemingly impossible journeys just to prove that it can be done. These people inspire me WAY more than some actor or celebrity that the majority of the world seem to fixate on .

Imagine that our world is a dystopia – oh, wait, it is. Don’t deny it, it’s true – at least the way society is run.

The PLANET is beautiful – it’s utopia. You’re looking to get into heaven or something when you die? How do you imagine it? You can’t possible imagine anything other than what you know – even fantasy worlds are made up of things we meld together (unicorn = horse with a horn. Pegasus = horse with wings/bird. Godzilla = huge lizard. Hell = underground with fire. You get the picture?) So, in thinking along these lines, our idea of heaven would just be a restructuring of the images and ideas we have already been exposed to, meshing them into what we would perceive to be the most beautiful, calming place. All of the things making up your picture of heaven would be THINGS THAT ALREADY EXIST IN THE UNIVERSE, just linked together, hybridized.

So…with this idea in mind, look at the planet around you. It’s already heaven. Make a list (mentally or written) of all the AMAZING things on the planet – things no one could ever invent, things that are just aching to be looked at, admired, and fill you with awe.

Shit, the thing that gave me the biggest thrill of my life? Swimming beside whale sharks. For real. It was unbelievable, surreal, and nothing in some imaginary afterlife could come close to an experience on the planet. (even if it could – you don’t know for sure – so enjoy what is here!)

If you believe you are a soul, then why on earth would you want to LEAVE the heavenly realms to take on a physical body, especially knowing that life here “sucks”? Because it doesn’t! You have eyes and a brain and senses – a soul does not. It can’t taste or touch or smell. It can’t eat a mango. It can’t swim under a waterfall. It can’t be ravaged by a sexy lover under a willow tree.

The structure of society is what makes our world a dystopia – and that’s why I like those stories. I like to see how people get out of those situations – they  could be possible guidelines for survival. They’re freedom-lines. They show us what we are capable of.

It’s quite baffling that so many people out there think they are not capable of simple things. You really think you can’t lose weight? Just stuff yourself full of fruits and vegetables – AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. Endlessly. You will lose weight. You think you can’t leave your job/partner/family/insert-thing-here? PFFT. If you say to yourself you can’t, you are right. Yet people have escaped other COUNTRIES, regimes, imprisonment, sex slavery,  poverty – they’ve overcome loss of limbs, the use of their entire bodies, and yet  they accomplish amazing shit – BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED THEY COULD.

I also love utopian books – the Anastasia books are some of my favourites. I had to really push through some of the parts that made me uncomfortable (anything to do with God or Christ – they are not really Christian books but they do talk about it sometimes) – it shows what a world COULD be like, and they have so many beautiful ideas and it is a world I wish could exist – and could, if we all thought that way.

It really upsets me when I see someone undermining themselves – I see every possibility in someone – I know they can succeed and that self-sabotage is the #1 killer of people – and I don’t mean physically, I mean MENTALLY.

The suicide of the soul is the main thing that leads to early death. If you don’t think you can do anything with your life, you will be drawn to all the abominations in the world, and they are countless. People feed their bodies instead of their souls – they need excitement but can’t find it naturally, so turn to drugs, or crime, or risky sex, or mountains of fatty fake foods, or whatever vice they have – SHOPPING – all so they can have a quick thrill. Then they feel like garbage and have to do it over and over again until they die from disease, overdose, someone else killing them over something, and on and on.

Sure there are accidents, but if you are living a huge fulfilling life, then you can be taking your last breath and think “I really fucking lived it up, man.” and have no regrets. You can be captured and feel so angry and self-sustaining that you WILL find a way to escape and prevail. You won’t give up.

You want to live.

The people who inspire me are the ones who survive, who prevail in less than ideal circumstances.

The people in these types of books (fiction or non-fiction) feel alive. They want to live. Most people have never had a situation where they draw on that survival mechanism – they do not know their own strength, or their own passion for life.

This is why so many people do not change, do not see beauty, and waste so much time – they have to have a near-death experience to have it happen. And still a lot of people actually give up! Many people will actually just lay down and die – and even more sad is when doctors tell them to prepare for death. This is just malpractice as far as I’m concerned – there are many other options and the people who do survive so-called incurable diseases always find it on their own and prove the doctors wrong.

I considered being a doctor. I wanted to be one and heal people the RIGHT way. However, there are always people who do not see value in themselves, or putting effort towards a truly healthy life. They will still want the pills despite having the knowledge. I know people who KNOW how to be healthy, but they do nothing. When they get to the end of their lives, they are going to wonder if they could have lived longer, and that they squandered the life they had.

It’s like finding a jewel and doing nothing with it (I read that somewhere and liked the analogy).

I don’t ever want to feel that way. I am making changes in my life still, and many of those decisions are not easy. Certain things need to happen because it is MY life and I am responsible for my OWN happiness. I want to create my own utopia – no one is going to do it  for me, especially society! Society wants to keep  us down, and we are headed that way because we are brainwashed!

Wake up everyone! I want the best for all of you. For all of us! We can never have enough beauty and inspiration surrounding us. Become a beacon! There are never enough – I can read for HOURS and days and weeks and months and years about people who have changed their lives, done inspiring things, and accomplished greatness – sometimes things that seemed impossible! You and I can also be these people!

Everyone is the same. We have the same physiology, biology, and brain functions (the majority do, anyway – if we are exposed to the right things, and have proper nutrition and lifestyle – the possibility is there except in extreme circumstances). We can do anything – there are even maps out there – other people have done it, so go find someone getting results you want and mimic their movements. Still be yourself, but damn, just get some momentum. Pave your own damn way. List every possible avenue, then make up some more.

Another cool thing about reading dystopian books (or watching shows) is since you are not in that situation, you can look objectively and see what you’d do differently to survive. It’s easy to be judgmental when you aren’t in someone’s situation – and I’m not telling you how to live. I’m just telling you to think.

Everyone has dreams and ambitions – yet they are usually too comfortable and think they are not important enough – they think they are too small, not powerful enough, whatever. Everyone out there with power and influence is one of two things: born into it, or worked damn hard to get there. BUT, in both situations…they believed they could do it. No one could be a king or a president unless they felt they could be, and had support and were led to believe they were that powerful. Everyone is born complete devoid of any biases, beliefs, or special qualities other than pure innocence. Take two babies and switch them – one is born from royalty, one is born in the slums. Switch them – the royal baby will grow up with the same beliefs as the people in the slums, adapt to poverty, and most likely stay that way. The baby born in the slums will be raised to be a king. Swap them back, the same thing would happen depending on their upbringing.

This isn’t really news, but the beliefs we grow up with make us who we are – and we can CHANGE these beliefs – it is so easy to be a victim. “Oh this happened to me – I was abused – I grew up in a broken home – I have bipolar disorder, I’m an alcoholic” – whatever. You want to feel important like everyone else – you don’t think you are, and so you CLING to that label in order for people to PITY you – then you get attention and feel important. You use that label forever. Even people who have given up alcohol or drugs for 20 years still refer to themselves as addicts. Why? I know the reasons people will say, but – why cling to that label when instead you could refer to yourself as a vibrantly healthy dynamo who had a glitch you overcame? Then you have an empowering self-image!

You might not like me saying it, but that’s okay. If you don’t like it you probably feel insulted and deep down you know it’s the truth. It sure was for me, so I can say it with conviction. I was the “depressed girl” and it was my way of getting attention. YES, I was depressed. I am not negating that these things are REAL and debilitating, BUT – don’t let them DEFINE you. Don’t GIVE UP on yourself.

Your beliefs are cemented within the first 7 years of your life. Think of this – say you are Christian (and I’m not picking on religious people) – you are a FIRM BELIEVER – this belief was most likely formed in the first years of your life. If you grew up in Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan,  Israel, or as an Australian Aboriginie – you would believe something else, guaranteed. You limit yourself when you cling to a label or religion. Everyone’s belief is the “right” way – or so they think. It’s not – it just places limitations, and then you CHOOSE to believe that you must follow those. All because you were indoctrinated that way. If you think you are accomplishing things because of a higher power – it’s actually YOU doing those things. It isn’t through the power of a perceived being who controls you – why are people so afraid to admit they are powerful? That belief in a god is just a belief in themselves – BECAUSE they think something else is providing the ability. It’s a placebo! You really ARE that amazing!

Most people try a few things to overcome their issues. “Oh I’ve tried everything.” No, you haven’t. And I know this because I still see people out there who give up because it’s “too hard” – as soon as you think it’s too hard, you stop looking, you stop being open, and the right avenue will be completely invisible to you. I only found my path when I broke open my brain and started to really see what was possible.

Thomas Edison had something like 700-10000 “failed” attempts at making a light bulb (depending on your source) – this is a very widely used example. What about other people? My favourite is Bethany Hamilton, deciding to surf after losing her arm to a shark. She tried  surfing again and failed, almost gave up, until her father fashioned a little strap on her board to help her dive under the waves. She now surfs at a competitive level with one arm! Can you imagine even attempting something like that? Could you even believe it was possible? Probably not – but she and her family kept looking, and now she is a huge inspiration, moreso than any other surfer I can think of.

Laird Hamilton is another surfer I think of, who made huge innovations in surfing waves that were seemingly impossible to surf – but he found ways, with other surfers, to increase their speed using jetskis to pull them in – therefore allowing them to do something “impossible.” I like to use surfing examples simply because I love surfing. But I can think of tons of other people, too. And a lot of these people just decide to go do something, just because they believe it can be done. They might not even have experience. Ffyona Campbell started to walk around the world when she was in her late teens. She accomplished this feat over the next 11 years. She even admitted to cheating for 1000 miles (due to pregnancy) and went back to redo those miles, EVEN THOUGH she still had accumulated enough to quality for a Guiness world record. The point is – she just went. Colin Angus circumnavigated the earth by human power – rowboat, bicycle, walking. An amazing journey and riveting – I suggest reading his book Beyond the Horizon.

What about all the Jewish people who hid in the woods to escape the Nazis – who lived for years that way?

What about Aron Ralston? Would you cut off your own arm to live? Are you worth enough to  yourself to endure that type of pain and sacrifice a limb to LIVE? You don’t even have to! Your choices are much simpler and less painful than that!

Even the way we “survive” now is based on things people discovered within the last century or so. Our methods of refining and packaging foods so we could get through scarce, cold winters – these got to be thought of as “progressive” and if you thought otherwise, you were considered to be stupid! This in fact is what led to the onslaught of diseases in the last century – the “survival” foods – great in survival situations, but survival is not progressive. It is what I consider meat-eating to be – not natural, but purely for survival. It would explain a lot to do with our physiology and origins – being nomadic, fleeing situations, moving into different territories without proper food sources – to survive, humans found other things to eat. I can ramble on forever, but the initial point I was making was that we can use dystopian ideas, survival situations, as inspiration. How can we AVOID those situations, how can we get OUT of them? We live in dystopia NOW – how will you get out of it?

Really all you must do is remove yourself from how society works (I don’t mean get out of it completely, or isolate yourself) but start to think differently, find your own rhythm, and discover the beautiful heaven you are already in. It’s the reason you are here, inhabiting your body. Your soul wants a gorgeous, perfectly-functioning body to inhabit so it can experience the GOOD and BEAUTY on the planet, before it goes back to ether, before it has no way to smell, breathe, or love in a physical manner.

I am not even religious. I don’t even know if there is a soul. Even if there is, and if it can be reborn into a new body, you will still not have the experience you can have NOW with THIS brain and THIS body.

There are two ways of looking at life on earth – shit-hole, or Eden. Even if you think it’s a cesspool at this point, it can be transformed back to its original, gorgeous state. We have that ability, and choice – even if you think you as a single individual amongst billions have no effect – the numbers grow and grow, and after a time, we will be the majority, and the healthy, positive, conscious people will be the only ones left.

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