The Time-Sucks – Keeping Us Down

It just sort of hit me a minute ago.

I’m watching some dumb show, and WHAM! Epiphany.

You read it and hear it all the time – that media and everything out there is a distraction – to keep you down. To lead you off in another direction, instead of going toward the things you could do, or contribute, or accomplish.

How many nights do I spend reading blogs, looking through pictures, getting “inspiration,” or watching some random show? I say I don’t watch TV – well, I sure watch documentaries, movies, youtube – and the occasional show.

But how often do I spend my time on working towards my goals? Very little, especially in contrast to all the other things. It really hit me just now because I noticed the time, and what did I do with the few hours of my evening? Sweet fuck-all.

So, from now on, I am going to spend my extra time doing those things – working on this blog, working on my novel, working on my other book – all the things that have been dancing in my head for months or even years – where is the output?

It’s there, but the little white flag of “Hey, check THIS out!” has caught my brain’s attention, and before I know it, it’s time to go to bed and get up for work, where I spend all day warming myself up  and yearning to do awesome things in my free time, or on the weekend. Not to mention my goal is to work for myself and do work that can be done from anywhere.

Well that ain’t gonna happen while watching youtube or looking at pinterest. It just ain’t. All those minutes add up, like pennies to millions. I am not missing anything, and neither are you. Ever notice that when you watch youtube, for instance, there is a huge amount of other things on the side of the screen you might be interested in? And suddenly hours have gone by? What happened? You may have learned something (depends on what you watch) but really all you have REALLY done is sit in your chair for a long time staring at a screen. Those extras are there to DISTRACT you – at least if you are doing this, LEARN something!

So yeah, stop reading my blog and go do some shit you wanna DO. Take one step, then take another tomorrow. Just a reminder!

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