The Future

That time I climbed a mountain.

There’s that cliche about living every day like it’s your last.

Do people actually do this? I think it’s pretty unlikely. Maybe you can do that  if you have zero responsibilities.

Inspired by watching “The Future” I just had a thought. What if we did this every month, instead? We could draw out a map and plan what we want to do before we “die” on that last day of the month.

How would you structure that time? I would definitely go somewhere hot, with waves. I’d ravage my boyfriend as much as possible. If I was single, I’d be lascivious and revisit all the wonderful lovers in my past, and find new ones, too. This is the last month of my life, of course.

I would lavish my dog with attention and take her for many beautiful hikes through the mountains. Most of the time, though, I would write, swim, surf, and eat luscious things – durians and dandelion flowers.

Today I thought: In our lifetimes, we either contribute, or we consume. Most people consume. I don’t necessarily mean buying – I find the majority of human beings just take, take, take – they don’t put anything OUT there, or put themselves out there, doing something important. Is it just fear, or laziness? I think laziness stems from fear – everyone wants to do something amazing.

There needs to be more giving – even if you sell the things you create, that is still giving. As long as it is meaningful. Make it available. Toss beauty into the air like confetti, construct a paradise amongst the squalor of regular existence. When trapped, a moment of beauty you come upon can make all the difference  – it can be the beacon to continue on, the lighthouse bringing your boat to the shore of what your life could really be like.

I would want to spend my last month contributing. Especially since I know my “last month” will go back to square one the next month. And hey – if I do in fact have little time left – then I really would have spent it doing worthwhile things. And I don’t necessarily mean “for the greater good” – even though I think that is important – but I mean for ME. For my  own happiness. So when I am about to die I can say I really lived.

So I think I am going to do this – construct my month, at least within my means right now. I could easily take a month off and live in the tropics for that time with my credit card – maybe I should.

Who do I want to see? What do I want to read?  What do I want to learn? What to I want to teach? What do I want to do? What do I want to make? What do I want to experience?

You could ask yourself the same questions. It’s much easier to imagine doing everything you want in a month than in a day.

I don’t think it’s feasible to live every day as if it is your last – because you never know when that is. And so I might spend my last day watching a movie on my computer or making a banana crepe, or WORKING. Blech.

If I have a longer time frame to think about, then I can actually get going.

Imagine, someone says, “Tomorrow is your last day alive.” How could you even DO what you want to do? Say your dream is to go to Antarctica (it’s one of mine). You couldn’t even get there in a day. That’s not fair!

Seriously, I say screw it. Write down the things you want to do most, and even if you have to take a leave from work, use your credit card, whatever – do it, and do the things you want most. Maybe this IS your last month alive. Who knows?

This is why it’s good to focus on experiences instead of acquiring more stuff.  When you get to the end…you really won’t care how much shit you have, you’re gonna regret the shit you didn’t DO.

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