January: Progress Report

Hello! It has been a few days.

I am dealing with some seasonal depression, and actually I plan to do a whole post about that in the near future. I know some great tactics and am excited to share them. It can be a battle but it is easily won with a good strategy.

Right now I just wanted to give an update on my progress – via the chart I use and about the books I have chosen to read this year.

So for January, my four focuses were: Diet, Writing, Art, and Blogging (originally this was BIKING, but I do not have a great bike and it has been rainy and gross – not my priority lately). Obviously I failed on the art front – heh. But I am pretty happy with the writing! I wrote every day – either here, another blog, or my hard-copy journal. Soon enough I want to focus on writing fiction, but for now I just want to get USED to writing every day, and then I will move on from there. I also have been toying with the idea of freeing up more time to focus on writing, but that may wait for a couple of months.

My diet, which has changed a lot from the previous 4 years I’ve been raw, has been pretty good though a spell of very cold weather threw me off. I started to eat soup from Whole Foods, and a lack of sleep over a 2 week period threw me into a massive meltdown and I was binging in the evening. A lack of sunlight also starts to get to me this time of year – which is why I think it is bad to make new years resolutions when you live in the northern hemisphere! (I actually wrote about this in the previous incarnation of this blog – you can read it here – along with other old posts if you like!)

Even on the days where I have eaten some cooked food, I kept it vegan and low-fat. The repercussions really sunk in a few days ago and I am back on track 100%. The diet is only one aspect of my health goals, so sleep, light, and exercise are all priorities as well.

The changes I have seen this month due to low-fat raw vegan: improved skin (candida issues) – less redness and dryness, reduced weight (10 lbs in the first two weeks – mostly water weight from cutting out salt), more clarity, more motivation, clear sinuses, more energy, happier spirit. The only things that really screwed me over was being a zombie from short, interrupted sleeps.

In February, my focuses are still writing and diet – though this month I am also adding in exercise and again, blogging – more specific I want to focus on THIS blog, and writing in it often.

I really like how my chart looks. I use watercolours to mark my days off. If you want your own copy you can download it here.


As for my book selections for January – easy! I read The 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas Graham, plus his book Nutrition and Athletic Performance. These books are dynamite! Highly recommended.

I also read this month: The Raw Vegan Coach by Frederic Patenaude, Atlas of the Human Heart by Ariel Gore, Raw and Beyond by Victoria Boutekno, Chad Sarno, and Elaina Love, Grain Damage by Douglas Graham, and Psyche in a Dress by Francesca Lia Block. I have also started some others but am still working on them.

With the exception of Raw and Beyond (which was just okay) these were all amazing books.

I feel very lucky to have an uncorrected proof of Danielle LaPorte’s new book The Fire Starter Sessions – two months before its release. I love this woman and have been waiting for this book to come out! Working in a bookstore has its perks!


How are you doing with your new goals so far this year? Do you have any strategies you use to keep on track?

The reason I focus so much on health is because when I feel my best, I do my best, and I have the energy and motivation to go after the things I love. Makes sense, right?

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