Cures for Chronic Distractions

(Photo by Yellowbird)

Do you love dancing shows? – Go out and dance.

Do you love reality shows? – Go and have your own experience.

Do you love action movies? – Go learn to survive in the wild.

Do you love talk shows? – Go talk to your friends and family. Meet some new people and engage them in meaningful conversations.

Do you love singing competitions? – Go to a concert. Start a band.

Do you love video games? – Create yourself an obstacle course or go to a shooting range.

Do you love looking at photos online? – Pick up your camera and go seeking.

Do you love watching cute animal videos? – Go play with your pet or volunteer at a shelter.

Do you love celebrity gossip? – Go read a biography of someone amazing.

Do you love trashy novels? – Go read a beautiful novel, or write one yourself.

Do you love fast food? Eat lots of fruit – nothing is faster, or healthier.

Do you love sitting on your butt watching television? Picture yourself about to die – what will you wish you’d done instead? Do that, and do that every time you turn on the TV.

Do you love the news? Become a skeptic and question everything you see or hear.

Do you love the internet? Go old-school and peruse the library. Practice book-scanning – go from section to section, pick something you would never normally look at, and read a page. If it interests you, write down the title or sign it out. Go home and turn off your computer for the entire day and read those books instead.

Do you love blogs? Start one yourself about whatever you are interested in, or whatever you know a lot about. Engage in dialogue with other writers. Make long-lasting bonds with similar people.


For every distracting habit, there is an equal good habit you could replace it with. Question everything. These are simplistic alternatives – but who says anything has to be complicated? Sometimes common sense is overlooked.

Most media outlets out there are pushed upon you to distract you from your amazing potential, to create an unhealthy culture – unhealthy, distracted people are easy to control.

Some of these things are fine in moderation, or to use as inspiration. It is when it takes up the bulk of your time that you need to reevaluate.

Fight the system and seek the truth. Spend your life the way you truly wish you could – you can.

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