Essential Elements for Thriving

(Me jumping into Lynn Creek – 2008)

In The 80/10/10 Diet book, Dr. Graham has a list of fundamentals regarding health. He says, “You are only as healthy as your weakest link.”

I am going to focus on these things in order to really pump myself up. I have noticed a correlation between my motivation to do things and my propensity to waste time – it depends on how much I’ve slept and what I ate in the day. On my high-fruit, low-fat diet, I am starting to peak. When I don’t eat this way, I start to bum around and fail to thrive.

Here’s the list – rate yourself from 1-10, and see where you need to up your game. I’ve included my answers to show what I personally need to work on.

1. Clean, fresh air  (I live in a city, but it’s Vancouver – so it’s not terrible – I rate this a 6).

2. Pure Water (I rate this a 10, because I go and gather my own spring water).

3. Foods for which we are biologically designed (I rate this a 9 because I was thrown off by very cold weather and had weak moments for soup – back on track now).

4. Sufficient sleep (I rate this an 8 – I am getting much better at making this a priority and going to bed earlier).

5. Rest and Relaxation (I would rate this a 10 BUT, I often have things irritating me so I rate it an 8. Also, sometimes I do not have enough downtime at one of my jobs and it can be very tiring).

6. Vigorous activity (my jobs make me move a lot, but as for vigorous, not much. I am more active in summer, but this is something i have to work on a lot. I say 5).

7. Emotional Poise and Stability (I still have some issues with irritability, though these are few and far between if I am eating properly and sleeping enough. I have very stable moods then and my emotions are quite balanced. I say 8).

8. Sunshine and natural light (unfortunately right now, I’d rate this a 1. In the summer, I rate myself a 10. This was definitely not the case in my younger years where I hid from the sun, scared by anti-sunlight propaganda. That sells a lot of sunscreen. I am making it a priority to get sunlight every winter by traveling – .starting next winter. This one has to wait!

9. Comfortable temperature (no problem – 9. I am finally in a place where I am warm most of the time.)

10. Peace, harmony, serenity, and tranquility (7 – I still have things in my life that set me off. For the most part, though, I feel peaceful).

11. Human Touch (7 – I get lots of affection from my boyfriend and hugs from friends, but not on a daily basis. However, I do get lots of dog cuddles, which helps!)

12. Thought, cogitation, and meditation (Maybe a 7? I don’t meditate in a structured way, but i do put a LOT of thought into things, and I journal a LOT).

13. Friendships and Companionship (This is a fairly weak link, so I’d say 7 – even though I have a boyfriend, and lots of friends, I tend to be a loner. My closest friend is my boyfriend, so I do lack a little in this – I have always craved close friendships and still hope for them).

14. Gregariousness (Social Relationships, Community) (Like…a 3. Maybe even a 2. I am not a very social person but I have been – I go through phases. Gotta work on this).

15. Love and Appreciation (I do get  lot of love from family, my dog, my boyfriend, and certain coworkers. This is very helpful – I say 8).

16. Play and Recreation (Super low…2…I have not been so outgoing in the last couple of years, and I’m pretty sure I know why – it’s silly because I am a VERY playful person).

17. Pleasant Environment (9 – I finally have a good living arrangement, and both places  I work are very welcoming, open, and accepting).

18. Amusement and Entertainment (10 – I never lack these. Boredom is foreign to me. I can ALWAYS amuse myself).

19. Sense of Humour, Mirth, and Merriment (8-10, depending on the day. I’m easily amused and love to joke around).

20. Security of Life and Its Means (8 – I feel often that I cannot fully support myself, but of course I can. I always have help if it’s needed, so that helps in this department. I never have to worry about affording important things, so this rates fairly high).

21. Inspiration, Motivation, Purpose, and Commitment (8 – there are still times I wonder what my “purpose” is, if I even believe there is such a thing. Maybe our purpose is to just BE…as much as possible. I don’t feel I need a specific purpose – if I am the healthiest I can be, the natural flow of myself becomes what it will – which I guess is “purpose.” I am inspired by a plethora of things, I never lack for that. Commitment is easy when you’re passionate. As for motivation, also easy if I am rested and well-fed).

22. Creative, Useful Work (Well, that’s what I am doing here! I’d say 7 – my jobs are not very creative, though I do think they are valuable. I get to talk to people about raw foods and deliver them delicious things, and I also get to put books into peoples’ hands and recommend things that may change their lives).

23. Self-Control and Self-Mastery (I’m getting there!! This is probably an 8 – a few years ago it would have been a 2).

24. Individual Sovereignty (9 – I am pretty good at this. I am always in charge of myself and I won’t back down).

25. Expression of Reproductive Instincts (1 – I don’t want to elaborate).

26. Satisfaction of the Aesthetic Senses (9 – I am always appreciating beauty, unless – as usual , I’m tired or not eating well).

27. Self-Confidence (9 – it’s taken me a VERY long time to get to this. I love myself big time – as always it is determined by what I am eating and how I am taking care of myself).

28. Positive Self-Image and Sense of Self-Worth (8 – Even though I have good self-esteem, I have often been at a loss of my “worth” – so am working on doing things of value, and focusing on the positive aspects of my work and my value in the team. I HAVE to be doing something worthwhile or I fade – most people do – I’ve done lots of great work).

29. Internal and External Cleanliness (9 – I get lazy once in a while! But I am consistently good with this).

30. Smiles (8 – my natural expression is “mad” looking. I have to be very conscious of this around others – it’s difficult at times, but when at my healthiest, I am naturally glowing and beaming – even when neutral I tend to radiate a positive vibe).

31. Music and All Other Arts (I have had a lack of this lately – time to make a new CD. I grew up obsessed with music, even wanting to be a musician and playing 3 instruments. I have not drawn much lately – I used to, obsessively. Time to get on it again – so I rate this a 6).

32. Biophilia (Love of Nature) (10 – always).

(I also think reading/learning should be on this list! I would rate myself a 10 for that).
So how did you add up? I see where I need to tweak certain things (and really rev up others….)

Can you imagine a 10 in all these categories? You’d be unstoppable!!! That’s my goal! Yea!

(Edit [in June 2016:]  Clearly my answers have changed in the last few years! I am happy to say #25 is way up to a 9.)

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