Climb the Staircase

My motto for years was “Life without passion is pointless.”

It really is. When I become unenthusiastic, it always leads to depression and malaise. This becomes a misery cycle, which leads to unhealthy habits, and combined it is an abyss.

People that are in this abyss (and I was one of them) have two choices:

1. Stay in the dark, cry, lament. If unbearable, kill self.
2. Turn on the light, see the hidden staircase, and start climbing back out.

This staircase is not always linear. You have to keep your light on to see each step out of the hole. One step may be very far from the other, but if you think about it and strategize, you can find the way – you probably have not seen the other steps in between. Often people will climb halfway back – where they can see light, and are content staying where they are – the climb to the true summit is too long, too uncomfortable, so they make do with feeling okay.

Your light is always there. If you don’t know where it is anymore, you have to search – this may take a LOT of  worthwhile work. It’s like that tiny blue flicker in a gas fireplace. It’s always on, barely detectable. However if you light a match, it will explode into flames.

You have to find your match. What will make you explode back into being?

Often this light is also buried beneath toxicity in the brain (your light is always in your brain). If you remove these toxins (processed foods, drugs, alcohol, coffee, medications, cigarettes, excess media exposure, etc) the light will have a chance to emerge.

You also have a light in your heart. When the light in your brain is turned back on, it will warm the one in your heart – you will become a brighter person, and you will burst forth into the world like a flamethrower. Sometimes you only need a spark.

Passion is the whole heart on fire. Turn your brain back on with a healthy lifestyle, and passion will follow.

Photos from my Pinterest.

One thought on “Climb the Staircase

  1. Hi, I call this plae the dark hole but abyss is better, it tells about the depth of the unhappiness a lot more…

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