Is it Loving?

I have started a new practice – whenever I do something, I ask “Is it loving?” – this can mean to myself, to others, my dog, the planet. Mostly to myself, though.

Sometimes I get sucked back into old habits – such as picking at my skin, or not taking good care of my teeth (despite all the troubles I’ve had with them my whole life).

So now, especially if I am IN THE MIDST OF DOING IT, I say, “Is it loving for me to obsessively pick at my skin?” And obviously no is the answer, and I stop. Instantly.

I say, before going to bed, “Is it loving for me to NOT floss my teeth?” And then I floss my teeth, because it takes one minute.

“Is it loving for me to stay up and read, or is it loving for me to get more sleep so I will be vibrant tomorrow?” – obviously more sleep is better. And sometimes, if can’t fall asleep, it is better for me to take some melatonin, because obviously it’s better for me to get more sleep. This is rare, and usually happens around my period – I also noticed a few months ago that when I was having heavy meals, like cashew cheese stuffed bell peppers (my typical dinner for a LONG time) I would have a very hard time falling asleep. I always blamed cacao if I’d had it that day, but after doing 80/10/10 for a week in the summer, then binging on cashew cheese, I could NOT fall asleep – bingo. So I immediately stopped having high-fat dinners. I had insomnia like crazy, and then it was gone. Now I only get it around the red moon.

Is it loving for me to live in a pile of stuff everywhere? No. So I put some stuff away. Is it loving for me to spend 15 minutes reading this garbage magazine in the grocery store, or should I blast off to my house and read a BOOK, instead? Obvious answer.

Is it loving for me to buy more books when I have 100+ at home I haven’t read yet? Or it more loving to put it in the bank or this jar, to save up for my winter-long holiday next year, which I will WHINE about at the time if I DON’T save up?

This can go on and on. It’s a simple technique and it’s been working very well.

“It is loving for me to eat Naam fries? Is it loving for me to undereat, or should I eat some more dates or oranges so I get enough calories and nutrients?” Yeah, you get the picture.

I was only around 1650 calories for the day today (I’ve been keeping track on cronometer) so I made sure I ate some more. I am counting calories to make sure I eat ENOUGH – that’s a fun alternative to most ways!

I am going to be writing a lot more, just so you know. I am also starting up my blog now, and will link to it when it’s ready. My priorities for this month are: diet (80/10/10), writing, art, and biking. Also, saving, every day.

Diet, writing, and saving money are my #1 priorities for the year. I have a chart up to track these things – my monthly goals may fluctuate, depending on my interests. I have quite a few must-read books laid out for the year, too. I am now reading 80/10/10 Diet, FINALLY. Reading Raw Food Controversies really set me into gear. Even after 2 days I am feeling pretty good. A little sleepy but that could be many things. So, I’m going to sleep, go figure! After I write in my other journal.

What I ate today:


Lots of spring water – I didn’t measure.
1 cup orange juice.
10 dates blended with half a bag of frozen strawberries and spring water. I poured this over 4 chopped apples and one banana (my other ones aren’t ripe or I’d have had more nanas)


2 Nori rolls with: 1/2 an avocado (split between both rolls), a pinch of Herbamare ocean (different dried herbs and sea salt), tomato, red pepper slices, dulse, pea greens, 2 big leaves of romaine lettuce)
I was still hungry but I didn’t eat more avocado. I had some water.

2 nori rolls with all of the above except more tomato instead of avocado, plus some spring greens.
1 lb strawberries.

Then I had 2 dates and 2 huge mandarin oranges. I could eat more but I am going to bed.

My chart is awesome.
I am going to share my chart so other people can use it, too.

Here it is!

You can put in whatever you want in the first column – I just use letters. So right now January has: D (diet), W (writing), A (art) and B (biking) – then you can colour in each one that you accomplished that day! You don’t have to do 4 things, and any more would probably be too much. You can change them from month to month, too, if you want.

Anyway, enjoy! Let me know if you are gonna use it 🙂 It’s a good way to track your progress, and it looks pretty when it’s done.

4 thoughts on “Is it Loving?

  1. I love this, both the chart and the idea of asking yourself “IS this loving”? I was doing something like that a couple years ago and it was life-altering.

    I take magnesium supps around my period (helps ease cramping). Magnesium also helps with melatonin production/absorption so as a result I sleep better when I’m taking it. Just a thought.

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